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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Drug & Alcohol Regulation Updates Newsletters

Issue 70

December 2020

  • Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference
  • MIS Reporting

Issue 69

July 2020

  • Free drug and alcohol program tools available from FTA
  • COVID-19 Guidance
  • Pre-employment testing after an extended absence
  • CCFs and Employee ID Numbers

Issue 68

February 2020

  • 15th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference
  • 2018 MIS results summary
  • The 2020 minimum random testing rates
  • FTA Follow-up Alcohol Test Timing

Issue 67

September 2019

  • FMCSA CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
  • Post Accident Testing: FTA vs. FMCSA
  • Step 3 of the ATF: Common Errors
  • Flaws in Alcohol Testing when Using an EBT

Special Edition

October 2018

  • FTA Minimum Random Drug Testing Rate Increase

Issue 66

September 2018

  • FTA’s Drug Abuse Awareness Video
  • Direct Observation Criteria
  • Remote Post-Accident Determinations

Issue 65

April 2018

  • You’re Being Audited: How to Prepare 
  • Electronic Custody and Control Form Use
  • EBT Maintenance and Test Accuracy

Special Edition

January 2018

  • DOT Publishes Part 40 Final Rule
  • Changes to the MRO Verification Process
  • DOT Drug Tests Are Still Five-Panel
  • Required Policy Revisions
  • Revised Federal Drug Testing CCF
  • Removal of Blind Specimens

Issue 64

December 2017

  • 13th Annual National Conference Registration Available Soon!
  • Annual MIS Reporting
  • No "Expiration" on Return-To-Duty Requirements
  • Using Mobile Collection Sites
  • Who Should Be Trained to Make Reasonable Suspicion Determinations
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • Coming Soon: MIS Reporting Instructional Video
  • Clarification: An Employee Who Consumes Alcohol While On-Call Has Not Violated A FTA Prohibition
  • Reviewing SAP Letters & Testing Plans
  • After Hours Testing
  • Firearm Discharge is Not Cause for FTA Post-Accident Testing
  • Spot-Checking Your Consortium/TPA
  • Drug and Alcohol Training

Issue 63

August 2017

  • 2016 Drug and Alcohol MIS Results
  • Alcohol Results Less Than 0.04 Are Not DOT Violations
  • Responding to a 40.25 Request for Testing Information
  • The Collector’s Role
  • Another Successful FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference on the Books!
  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Timely Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Employer Oversight of MROs
  • Pre-Employment Test Refusals
  • C/TPA Information Required on Annual MIS Submissions
  • Top 5 Audit Findings
  • Collector Errors & Affidavits
  • Clarification: Tire Retreading is Not a Safety-Sensitive Function
  • Drug and Alcohol Word Scramble
  • Lift Operation and Post-Accident Testing Decisions

Issue 62

April 2017

  • DOT Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  • FTA Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (DAMIS) Reporting
  • Alere Records Drug Tests Times in Central Time Zones
  • Daylight Savings Time: Make Sure Clocks were Changed!
  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • How Many SAP Referrals?
  • Free Drug & Alcohol Resources
  • Telephone Preferred for Positive Drug Test Results
  • Policies and the Term "Substance Abuse Professional"
  • Random Rosters - Accuracy Counts
  • Removal of an Employee from Safety-Sensitive Duty Following a Post-Accident or Reasonable Suspicion Occurrence
  • Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  • The Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Policy

Issue 61

January 2017 

  • Use of Video Cameras in Reasonable Suspicion Determinations
  • Reminder: Annual MIS Reporting Due March 15th!
  • Clarifying Federal Requirements for Shared Mobility
  • Company Policies Must State a Position on Negative-Dilute Tests
  • Evidential Breath Testing Devices and Manual Mode
  • Federal Drug Testing Electronic Custody and Control Approved Lab List
  • Role of the Substance Abuse Professional
  • Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Employees Must Relinquish Firearms at Collection Site
  • Non-DOT Follow-up Tests Are Not Allowed
  • Tracking Post-Accident Testing Delays

Issue 60

October 2016

  • 11th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference A Success!
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Lowers Drug Testing Rate
  • Ubers, Lyfts, and Ride-Sourcing: Do the Regulations Apply?
  • What Employers Need to Know About Monitoring Collection Sites
  • Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  • Follow the Plan: Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs)
  • 49 U.S.C Section 5339 Buses and Bus Facilities Grants Program Established
  • Reclassifying DOT Drug Tests
  • Are Taxicab Companies Covered under FTA Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations?
  • Substance Abuse Professionals as Gatekeepers
  • 2016 DOT Random Testing Rates
  • Do My Contractors Fall under the FTA Regulations?
  • Follow-Up Testing Must Be Unpredictable
  • Safety Concerns Require Medical Review Officers to Report Medical Information
  • Drug and Alcohol Training

Issue 59

March 2016

  • 2014 Drug and Alcohol MIS (Management Information Systems) Results
  • A Notice to Collectors on Using the Electronic Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control (eCCF) Form
  • DAMIS Improvements
  • Pre-Employment Tests and the 90-Day Rule
  • The Importance of Accurate Contact Information
  • Semi-Annual Statistical Summaries
  • Discovering the Return-to-Duty Process Was Not Followed—Now What to Do?
  • Stand Downs and Drug Test Results
  • Compliance Creep—Consequence of Complacency
  • No Time Limits on Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing
  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • FTA Drug and Alcohol Crossword Puzzle
  • Contractor Tow Trucks Usually Covered by FMCSA
  • Acetone Does Not Interfere With DOT Alcohol Testing

Issue 58

October 2015

  • Public Interest Exclusion (PIE) Order Issued
  • Collectors and Refusal Documentation
  • No Need for Redundant Pre-Employment and Return-to-Duty Tests
  • Prior Employer Testing Histories
  • Securing Donor Items for DOT Collections
  • HHS Proposes Major Changes to Drug Testing Procedures
  • Part 40 Amended to Include eCCF
  • FAA Creates DER Video Series
  • FTA Issues Series of Rx/OTC Brochures
  • Possession of CDL Not Automatically Safety-Sensitive
  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • FTA Drug and Alcohol Word Scramble
  • SAP Referral Required for Pre-employment Positives/Refusals

Issue 57

April 2015

  • Records Retention for Employers Offering a "Second Chance"
  • New Hires and Old Tests
  • Roundups and Random Batch Testing
  • Does Airbag Deployment Constitute Disabling Damage?
  • Officers Serving as BATs - Good Idea or Not?
  • Documentation Required for Post-Accident Test Delays
  • MIS Reporting Tips
  • Online Collector Training - Proceed with Caution
  • 2015 DOT Random Testing Rates
  • Correct DOT Agency on Custody and Control Form
  • Annual Testing Results for 2014
  • New Tools on the Website
  • FTA Drug and Alcohol Word Search
  • Tourist Trolley or Road Trolley?

Issue 56

January 2015

  • Information Release: Lawsuits, Grievances, and Unemployment and Worker's Compensation Proceedings
  • Using SAP Networks and Brokerages
  • Correct MRO Information on Forms
  • Important Announcement!
  • Follow-up Testing and Extended Absences
  • Annual MIS Reporting
  • Reading the Temperature Strip—Doing it Right
  • Blind Specimens Required for Large Employers and Consortia
  • Common Collection Site Errors
  • FTA Drug and Alcohol Training Available
  • Reminder to Medical Review Officers (MROs) Verifying an Employee's Prescription
  • Must Show the Backs of the Forms
  • Shy Bladder—the Three-Hour Period
  • 10th Annual National Conference Registration Online Now!
  • FTA Drug and Alcohol Crossword Puzzle
  • Why Calibration Checks are Important— What Documentation is Required

Issue 55

August 2014

  • The 9th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference
  • Rise in the use of Marijuana by Safety-Sensitive Employees
  • Refusal Decision Makers
  • 2014 CCF Used as Paper or Electronic (eCCF)
  • Mid-Period Random Selections Not Allowed
  • FMCSA National Clearinghouse on Drug and Alcohol Program Violators-Proposed Rule
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees with Disabilities
  • Random Selection Draws for Very Small Employers
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Schedule
  • FTA Reasonable Suspicion Determination Cards are Available to Order
  • When Does A Drug or Alcohol Test Commence?
  • Retention of Annual Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (MIS) Reports
  • Updating Drug and Alcohol Policies-"Public Transportation" vs. "Mass Transportation"
  • Tasers and Stun Guns Are Not Considered a Firearm
  • FTA 5311 Tribal Transit Program
  • Previous DOT-Covered Employer Records - What Constitutes a Good Faith Effort?

Issue 54

April 2014

  • New Acting Director of Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance
  • Post-Accident – Definition of Operation of Vehicle Lifts/Doors on Light Rail
  • Oversight Responsibility
  • Refusals Recognized by FTA
  • Efforts to Improve Collection Process May Violate Rule
  • Testing Above the Federal Minimums
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Schedule
  • Drug-Free Workplace Act—25th Anniversary
  • What Do You Have Hanging On Your Walls?
  • FTA Grantees Have Access to Contractor/Subrecipient Records
  • DAMIS Packages Mailed in December
  • Electronic CCFs Not Permitted
  • Ferry Boat Operators Must Submit MIS

Issue 53

January 2014

  • Alternate Selections in Random Testing
  • Alternative Methodologies for Drug Testing
  • Post-Accident: What is the "Best Information Available"?
  • ODAPC – Great Source of Information and Technical Assistance Materials
  • Is Your EBT Compromising Your Compliance?
  • Ninth Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol National Conference to be held in April 2014 in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Schedule
  • Early Morning and Late Night Alcohol Tests – Part 2: How to Accomplish Them
  • Administrative vs. MRO-Produced Refusals
  • Dispatcher/Scheduler/Call-Taker: When Do You Consider Employees Safety-Sensitive?
  • Common Mistakes Found on Custody and Control Forms (CCF)
  • SAMHSA Releases Report on Energy Drinks

Issue 52

July 2013

  • New Acting Program Manager of FTA Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Keynote Speaker Swart Stresses DOT's Position on Medical Marijuana at National Conference
  • Early Morning and Late Night Alcohol Tests - PART 1: Why They Are Important
  • National Conference Attracts 500 Participants
  • Post-Accident Testing for Maintenance Personnel
  • MIS Late Letters Going Out
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Schedule
  • FTA Audits Only Performed by FTA
  • FTA Drug Testing Records-Security and Separation
  • Maintenance Contractors
  • Blood Alcohol Content Greater than or Equal to 0.02, but Less than 0.04 - Now What?
  • Reasonable Suspicion Must Be REASONABLE
  • Not All Evidential Breath Testing Devices Can Be Used For DOT Confirmation Tests

Issue 51

  • Collection Sites May Be Visited by "Undercover" Inspectors
  • Immediate Means Immediate
  • National Focus on Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic
  • When EBTs Fail to Print Confirmation Tests
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Schedule
  • Transit Safety Institute (TSI) Training Schedule
  • Marijuana Class I Appeal Rejected By Federal Court, Still Dangerous With No Accepted Medical Use
  • Notification Forms: Accuracy is Key
  • Reviewing Collector Credentials?
  • How to Revise a Submitted Annual MIS Report
  • Post-Accident Flow Chart
  • Why File Management is Critical to Compliance
  • Providing Modal Authority for the CCF
  • FTA Supports Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Do Not Double Report MIS Testing Results
  • Best Practice: Provide Updated DER Information Before Each Collection
  • Employers: Save Copies of Your MIS Submissions for Your Records!

Issue 50

  • Random Selections Needed Prior to Beginning of Testing Period
  • DAMIS Packages Mailed in December
  • Random Testing Rates for 2013
  • Transmission of "non-negative" results
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Schedule
  • Transit Safety Institute (TSI) Training Schedule
  • When Is a Self-Referral Too Late?
  • Report Provides Disturbing Insight into Rx Misuse
  • Pass-Through Agencies May Not Be Required to Have Policy
  • How to Find a Qualified MRO and SAP
  • What Happens When You Have a Re-Collect Negative Dilute
  • Dissemination of Pre-Employment Positives
  • Are Employees of Armored Car Guards Performing a Safety-Sensitive Function?
  • 2011 Positive Rate Climbs to 0.85 Percent
  • Daylight Savings Time: Make Sure Clocks were Changed!
  • Federal Register Final Rule

Issue 49

Summer 2012

  • Popular EBTs Removed from Conforming Products List
  • The "Drug-Before-Alcohol" Problem in Testing
  • Reclassified Tests Should Be Reported
  • Ten Most Common Prescription Medications Used By Transit Employees
  • What to Do When Your Collection Site Is Unable or Unwilling to Do It Right
  • Cab Companies: Best Practices for Oversight
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing: Impairment vs. Diagnosis
  • Weekend and Off-Hours Testing
  • Consistency Is Critical
  • U.S. DOT's Stance on Medical Marijuana
  • How to Update Your Contractor List for Annual MIS Reporting

Issue 48

Spring 2012

  • 90-Day Pre-Employment vs. Return-to-Duty
  • When is "No" a "Test Refusal"?
  • What Does It Mean to "Refuse a Urine Test?"
  • Sixty-Minute Training Lacking
  • New Ways Prohibited Drug Users Are Fooling Collectors
  • ODAPC Issues Strong Reminder of Regulatory Requirement
  • K2/Spice: Education is the Key
  • DOT Unveils Mock-Collection Video
  • Second Chance vs. Zero Tolerance
  • 7th Annual Conference Another Success!
  • Drug and Alcohol Training Schedule
  • Semi-Annual Statistical Summary from the Laboratory
  • Correcting your DAMIS Submission Until August
  • DTAB Recommendations Have No Immediate Impact on DOT Drug Testing Programs
  • When is a Vehicle in "Operation"? What is an "Accident"?
  • The Status of Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (DAMIS) 2011 Reporting

Issue 47

Winter 2011

  • 7th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference in Miami
  • Five Practices Mistaken for Regulations
  • Automatic Sinks and Toilets Pose Challenge
  • DAMIS Annual Reports due March 15th
  • New Questions in the DAPM Questionnaire
  • MRO Must Maintain Originals of CCFs
  • Ensuring a Truly Random Testing Program
  • Random Testing for Small Transit Systems
  • Six Changes That Will Immediately Improve Your Drug and Alcohol Program
  • CHANTIX Use Poses Safety Risk for Transportation Professionals
  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Testing Following Self-Referral under Employer Authority
  • Specimen Collection Quality Assurance Procedures

Issue 46

Fall 2011

  • New CCF Must Be Used
  • 7th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference
  • 2011 National Drug Control Strategy Released
  • MROs Must Follow Procedures to Report Test Results
  • Preparing for an Audit
  • Remember to Meet Record Retention Requirements
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings
  • Rx & OTC Medications - Epidemic: Responding to America's Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis
  • Technical Assistance

Issue 45

Summer 2011

  • Drug Testing Integrity Act of 2011 (HR 707)
  • 6th Annual Conference A Success
  • MIS Report Submissions Submitted On Time
  • Testing Authority Must be Indicated
  • Collector Training Found Lacking
  • FTA Issues 2011 Rx/OTC Medication Toolkit
  • Working Group Reviews FTA Rx/OTC Medication Study
  • Medicaid Contractors Not Covered by FTA
  • Indiana Requires Medical Qualification Program and Rx/OTC Medication Policy for All Section 5311 Transit Systems
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings
  • Rx & OTC Medications - Pill Mills
  • Technical Assistance

Issue 44

Winter 2011

  • Survey Data Shows Drug Use Increasing
  • 6th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference
  • Random Test Rates Remain the Same for 2011
  • 6-AM Test Procedure Clarified
  • Correcting CCFs and ATFs
  • Discontinue Use of Old ATFs
  • MIS Reports due March 15, 2011
  • Ferryboat Operators Must Submit MIS Reports to FTA
  • Livingston Essential Transportation Service (L.E.T.S.) Emphasizes
  • Safety in its Rx/OTC Medication Use Policy
  • MBTA Addresses Rx/OTC Medications as Part of Maintaining a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings
  • Rx & OTC Medications - Synthetic Marijuana Incense or Drug
  • Technical Assistance

Issue 43

Fall 2010

  • New Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form
  • Conference Scheduled for April 5-7, 2011
  • MRO Requalification Training Requirements Clarified
  • Time to Use Old ATFs is Running Out
  • Employer Requirements Added to Part 40
  • Employers Should Include Ecstasy in Employee Training
  • Employers Should Review CCF for Accuracy
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings
  • Rx and OTC Medications - Drug Interactions: Take Multiple
  • Rx/OTC Medications with Caution
  • Technical Assistance Materials

Issue 42

Summer 2010

  • Proposed Rule Becomes Final
  • 6th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference
  • Definitions Modified and Added
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test Should Occur Before Medical Exam
  • Date For New ATF Extended
  • IITFs Will Not Be Allowed
  • Random Test Results Remain Stable
  • Confusion Over Volunteers Clarified
  • Senate Bill Promises to Give FTA Civil Penalty Authority
  • Clandestine Collections Reveal Problems At Collection Sites
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings - Delaying Screen Test to Allow Mouth Alcohol to Dissipate Not Allowed
  • Rx and OTC Medications - Driving and Diabetes
  • Technical Assistance Materials

Issue 41

Spring 2010

  • DOT Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  • DOT Makes Interim Regulatory Changes Final
  • 5th Annual Conference Best Yet!
  • Public Interest Exclusion Enforced
  • FTA Researches Impact of Benzodiazepines on Driving
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings - Training
  • Rx and OTC Medications - Muscle Relaxants-Use with Caution
  • Technical Assistance Materials

Issue 40

Fall 2009

  • Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference to be Held in March
  • Direct Observation for Return-to-Duty & Follow-up Testing Clarified
  • Medical Use of Marijuana Remains a Violation of DOT's Regulation
  • FTA Post-Accident Threshold Still Misunderstood
  • How to Update your List of Contractors for MIS Reporting
  • Random Survey of Accidents Underway
  • Majority of Transit Systems Have Rx/OTC Policy
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings - Previous Employer Record Requests
  • Rx and OTC Medications - Adderall Use Increasing Among Safety-Sensitive Employees
  • DOT Updates Technical Assistance Materials

Issue 39

Spring 2009

  • Court Rules - Direct Observation Rule Stands as Written
  • MRO Procedures Clarified
  • 4th Annual Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference Biggest Yet
  • ODAPC Names New Senior Policy Advisor
  • Random Selection Methods
  • Makers of "Whizzinator" Plead Guilty in Federal Court
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings
  • Rx and OTC Medications
  • DOT's 10 Steps to Collection Site Security and Integrity Video
  • Free Training Available

Issue 38

Winter 2009

  • Direct Observation for Return-to-Duty and Follow-up Testing On Hold
  • Random Rates Remain Same for 2009
  • FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference in Nashville
  • 2008 MIS Reports
  • Swart Named Director of ODAPC
  • Rx/OTC Medication Research Underway-Transit Systems Requested to Complete Questionnaire
  • Questions & Answers
  • Common Audit Findings
  • Rx and OTC Medications
  • DOT's Direct Observation Procedures Available Online
  • Forty HHS Certified Labs Remain
Last updated: Wednesday, December 9, 2020