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Headquarters Offices

FTA employs approximately 550 staff headquartered in Washington, D.C., and in field offices in 10 regions.  In addition, staff in five metropolitan offices provide additional support to meet the needs of the nation's largest transit operators.

Office of the Administrator

Telephone: 202-366-4040

The Office of the Administrator is responsible for communicating the agency's key initiatives on transit programs and disseminating policy guidance to transit stakeholders and grantees. The Administrator also ensures that grantees follow federal mandates along with statutory and administrative requirements. The Administrator, a Presidential appointee confirmed by Congress, serves as the federal government's chief advocate and supporter of public transit nationwide. Leading a staff of about 691employees in a Washington, DC headquarters' office and 10 regional offices, the Administrator manages an annual budget of approximately $12 billion and coordinates public transit policies, plans, programs, and activities with other offices of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Congress, and other government agencies. 

Office of Administration

Telephone: 202-366-4007

The Office of Administration develops and administers comprehensive programs to meet FTA's administrative and management support requirements in the following areas: organization and management planning, information resources management, human resources, contracting and procurement, and administrative services. Read about the Associate Administrator for Administration.

Office of Budget and Policy

Telephone: 202-366-4050

The Office of Budget and Policy is responsible for policy development, strategic and program planning, program evaluation, budgeting, and accounting. Specifically, the office implements and manages the overall policy process within FTA; provides policy direction on legislative proposals (particularly reauthorization legislation); prepares and coordinates statutory reports to Congress; manages the development and implementation of the strategic plan and program plan; conducts program evaluations; develops and justifies FTA budgets to the Office of the Secretary of Transportation, Office of Management and Budget, and Congress; ensures that funds are expended in accordance with Administration and congressional intent; performs accounting for all FTA funds; and provides a full range of accounting services for the Office of the Secretary and other customers.  Read about the Associate Administrator for Budget and Policy.

Office of Communications and Congressional Affairs

Telephone: 202-366-4043

FTA's Office of Communications and Congressional Affairs is the agency's lead office for media relations, public affairs, and Congressional relations, providing quick response support to the agency, the public, and Members of Congress on a daily basis. The office distributes information about FTA programs and policies to the public, the transit industry, and other interested parties through a variety of media. This office also coordinates the Administrator's public appearances and is responsible for managing correspondence and other information directed to and issued by the Administrator and Deputy Administrator. 

Office of Chief Counsel

Telephone: 202-366-4011

The Office of Chief Counsel provides legal advice and support to the Administrator and FTA management and coordinates with and supports the Department of Transportation General Counsel on FTA legal matters. This office also is responsible for reviewing development and management of FTA-sponsored projects, representing the Administration before civil courts and administrative agencies, and drafting and reviewing legislation and regulations to implement the Administration's programs. Read about the Chief Counsel.

Office of Civil Rights

Telephone: 202-366-4018

The Office of Civil Rights’ mission is to support mobility and economic development in America’s communities by promoting equitable and accessible public transit through education and industry oversight. The office provides technical assistance and training and conducts compliance reviews, complaint investigations, and grant recipient program plan reviews to ensure transit providers fulfill civil rights requirements. The office implements major programs such as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Program. Read about the Associate Administrator for Civil Rights. Read about the Associate Administrator for Civil Rights.  

Office of Planning & Environment

Telephone: 202-366-4033

The mission of the Office of Planning and Environment is to support the development of information that local, state, and federal officials use to make transportation investment decisions.  This entails working with our partners in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to administer a national planning program that provides funding, guidance, technical support and oversight to state and local transportation agencies. The 10 region offices of FTA and the 52 division offices of FHWA help to convey the program to the states, local governments, and other transportation agencies. The Office also provides guidance and assistance to grantees considering projects that may seek New and Small Starts funding, as well as the ratings and evaluations of those projects for project advancement or FTA funding decisions.  Finally the Office ensures that federal environmental requirements are met through oversight and development of environmental policies, guidance and regulations. Read about the Associate Administrator for Planning and Environment.

Office of Program Management

Telephone: 202-366-4020

The Office of Program Management administers a national program of capital and operating assistance by managing financial and technical resources and directing program implementation through the regional offices. The office provides major capital project management for FTA assistance programs. The office also coordinates the development and dissemination of program guidance and technical assistance. Read about the Associate Administrator for Program Management.

Office of Regional Services

The Office of Regional Services coordinates with and assists FTA Regional Offices with implementing FTA programs. The program oversees the regional teams’ work to support FTA’s work in the field to efficiently and effectively administer the federal transit program. The program covers project stewardship and oversight; advancing consistent business practices in the areas of performance management and risk management; increasing the use of data and information for decision making; and improving operational efficiency. Read about the Associate Administrator for Regional Services.

Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation

Telephone: 202-366-4052

The Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation, which directs FTA's research program, provides industry and policy makers with the information and skills to make good business decisions about transit technology, operational, and capital investments.  The program uses research results to identify best practices and shares this information with others who can benefit from it.  Through its research, FTA shows a range of outcomes that help direct where future transit investments should be made.

FTA's research program promotes and supports training and professional development, research into matters that affect or significantly interest the transit industry, transit community professional and educational organizations, international technology sharing endeavors, and innovations in transit and transit-related technologies. Read about the Associate Administrator for Research, Demonstration and Innovation.

Office of Transit Safety and Oversight

Telephone: 202-366-1783

The Office of Transit Safety and Oversight administers a national transit safety program and program compliance oversight process to advance the provision of safe, reliable, and equitable transit service through adherence with legislative, policy and regulatory requirements as established by FTA. Read about the Associate Administrator for the Office of Transit Safety and Oversight.

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