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The Transit Award Management System (TrAMS)

Welcome to the Transit Award Management System (TrAMS), FTA’s platform to award and manage federal grants. TrAMS was created to provide greater efficiency and improved transparency and accountability.

FTA deployed TrAMS in February 2016 to provide an efficient, user-friendly, and flexible tool to award and manage grants and cooperative agreements and to strengthen the integrity and consistency of our award and management financial and programmatic information. TrAMS replaced the Transit Electronic Award Management (TEAM) system, which had been in operation since 1998.

Operating Status: Open. 

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TrAMS News

On Thursday, December 7, FTA’s Transit Award Management System (TrAMS) will be updated to include new and updated UZAs resulting from the 2020 Census.  

In December of 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau released new urban area boundaries that correspond to the 2020 Census. As a result, all urbanized area (UZA) boundaries, or urban areas with a population of at least 50,000, have changed to some extent between 2010 and 2020. Some have contracted in extent, some have grown in extent, some have traded territory, some were eliminated and are now completely rural, some were eliminated but are now part of another UZA, and some either exceeded or fell below the critical 200,000 in population threshold. Consequently, TrAMS will be updated to reflect the appropriate changes to FTA’s accounting structure for formula apportionments to UZAs and grant obligations that can be made with those apportioned funds. 

FTA will apportion FY 2024 formula funding based on this new Census data, and all formula funding from FY 2023 and prior years can continue to be obligated and used according to the program and UZA size and place of performance applicable at the time those funds were apportioned (pre-2020 Census).

To assist with this release, FTA will be providing a variety of resources including this summary document describing the changes in further detail and an additional notification next week when the release is conducted.  Additionally, recipients can view FTA's Census webpage to learn more about the impacts of the 2020 Census and what UZAs were impacted.

New Related Action: Apply Estimated Indirect Costs

Effective April 4, 2022, the Transit Award Management System (TrAMS) has a new related action that is required to be completed as part of application creation. The new related action is titled Apply Estimated Indirect Costs and must be completed for an application to be transmitted to FTA. The related action was built in TrAMS for compliance with federal reporting requirements. Applicants and Recipients should reference the Apply Estimated Indirect Cost – Related Action Guidance document and view the ‘how-to’ data entry in TrAMS recording. Please reach out to the FTA Region assigned to your respective organization in case of questions.

TrAMS Application Executive Summary Format 

Effective July 15, 2021, the Executive Summary for new awards and amendments must include the following categories:

  • Purpose of the Award
  • Activities to be Performed
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Intended Beneficiaries
  • Subrecipient Activities

The updated format is necessary to meet a new OMB requirement for strengthened award descriptions uploaded to A sample of executive summaries presented in the required format is available.

External TrIAD platform users will be required to use for authentication

Due to increased security requirements, FTA is required to update the way external users (Non-FTA users, e.g., Recipients, Reporters, Contractors, etc.) will sign into the TrIAD (Transit Integrated Appian Development) platform. This platform includes the TrAMS, NTD, JPC, SSOR, DGS, FTA CRM, Transit COVID-19 Response Program, FACES, and Appian OTrak applications. On September 10, external users will be required to use to sign into the TrIAD platform. is a federal authentication service used by the public to sign in to participating government agency systems.

As a result of these changes, external users will need to create an account with to log in to TrIAD platform. You will no longer be able to login using your TrIAD username and password. To prepare for this change, consider registering an account with, if you do not already have one. The account must use the email address (username) that you use to access TrIAD today.

To familiarize yourself with the new sign-in method and establish a new account, please see the training materials:

Please contact the FTA IT Helpdesk at, or call 877-561-7466 if you have questions or concerns about this change.


The reference tables that list the apportionment amounts loaded into TrAMS for award and obligation are available on FTA’s Apportionments page.

User Manager Recipient Organization User Recertification

All Recipient Organizations must recertify TrAMS users to access TrAMS and to maintain their existing user roles. The recertification period will begin on December 1, 2019, and be open through January 31, 2020. FTA Hosted two training sessions on November 14th and 19th for User Managers; a copy of the presentation and recording is available on the training page.

Certifications & Assurances

FTA continues to refine TrAMS to improve efficiency and ease of use. Here are a few of some recent changes:

  • An update (June 2018) to TrAMS now displays the custom ALI names on screen and in the various view print documents. For more information see the Custom ALI Tip Sheet.
  • Updating recipient contacts (May 2018). TrAMS users with the user manager role now have the ability to add, edit, and update their organizational contacts. For more information, see our tip sheet.
  • Application deletion (March 2018). TrAMS users with the developer and submitter role now have the ability to delete applications that are in progress. For more information, see our tip sheet.
  • Password Reset Restriction (January 2018). New security requirements now restrict user password reset requests to once within a 24-hour period. If you attempt a second password reset before the end of the 24-hour period, TrAMS will send a system generated email that you have not complied with the 24-hour requirement. The email will direct you to the TrAMS helpdesk for assistance. For more information about user roles, management and security requirements see the FACES User Guide.
  • Required PIN Resets (December 2017)


Please reach out to the TrAMS Help Desk with any questions.