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Rail Transit Safety Newsletters

Summer, 2009

  • Oversight of Rail Transit Agency Track Inspections
  • Effective Oversight of RTA Track Inspection Processes - A Case Study of the Chicago Transit Authority

Spring, 2009

  • Mike Flanigon, FTA Director, Office of Safety and Security
  • Oversight of Rail Transit Agency Rule Compliance Monitoring
  • Improving Safety Culture

Winter, 2009

  • Welcome Phoenix METRO!
  • SSO Audit Program Results and Planned Activities for 2009
  • Accident Investigation Guidance - SOA Participation in Rail Transit Agency Accident Investigations
  • SSO Agency Feedback on Effective Accident Investigation Practices

Fall, 2008

  • Safety Action Plan
  • NTSB Recommendations and FTA Response
  • 3rd Annual SSO Program Managers Workshop
  • 12th Annual SSO Program Meeting
  • CEO Safety Summit
  • SSO Audit Program Effective Practices
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