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Getting Started

Transit asset management (TAM) is a business model that prioritizes funding based on the condition of transit assets to achieve and maintain a state of good repair (SGR) for the nation’s public transportation assets. The 2016 TAM Final Rule develops a framework for transit agencies to monitor and manage public transportation assets, improve safety, increase reliability and performance, and establish performance measures in order to help agencies keep their systems operating smoothly and efficiently.

Transit agencies are required to develop TAM plans and submit their performance measures and targets to the National Transit Database by specific deadlines (see below). This page provides basic information to get you started toward compliance.

Background Resources

The following resources highlight the basic information you need to know about the TAM Rule and TAM Plan requirements. Visit the TAM Resource Table for a full list of available TAM resources.   

2016 TAM Rule

Fact Sheets

TAM-NTD Crosswalk
TAM Final Rule Fact Sheet
TAM Performance Measures Fact Sheet
Default Useful Life Benchmark (ULB) Cheat Sheet
TAM Roles & Responsibilities Fact Sheet
TAM and PTASP Fact Sheet


Am I in compliance with the TAM final rule?
Am I a tier I or tier II agency?
Am I required to be a group TAM plan sponsor?
Am I going to be a participant in a group TAM plan?

Final Rule Deadlines

The table below indicates the upcoming data reporting deadlines to the NTD relative to your agency’s fiscal year end. The table does not show a complete list of reporting deadlines. The 2016 TAM Rule and NTD regulation 49 CFR Part 630 require annual submission of asset inventory data and narrative reports and an updated TAM Plan at least every four years. Please review this table for a full list of past reporting deadlines.

If your fiscal year runs




-Complete updated TAM Plan
-Share TAM Plan with planning partners
(no later than) Oct 2022
- Report FY22 AIM data to NTD
- Submit targets for FY23 to NTD
- Submit narrative report to NTD 
- Report FY23 AIM data to NTD
- Submit targets for FY24 to NTD
- Submit narrative report to NTD
- Report FY24 AIM data to NTD
- Submit targets for FY25 to NTD
- Submit narrative report to NTD
- Report FY25 AIM data to NTD
- Submit targets for FY26 to NTD
- Submit narrative report to NTD
- Complete Updated TAM Plan
- Share TAM Plan with planning partners
(no later than) Oct 2026
-Continue reporting AIM data to NTD annually
-Submit targets for upcoming fiscal year to NTD
-Submit narrative report to NTD
Oct Jan Apr

Additional Assistance

For any additional information not found on this page, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For general questions regarding TAM and requirements of the Final Rule, contact the TAM team at For more information about specific issues related to your agency's situation, refer to the regional points of contact below.

TAM Regional Contacts

Region Individual FTA Title
1 Christopher LaMacchia General Engineer
2 Sheldon Soleyn General Engineer
3 Jason Yucis Financial Analyst
4 Guanying Lei General Engineer
5 Lisa Joiner Transportation Program Specialist
6 Heriberto (Eddie) Chavarria Program Management Specialist
7 William (Bill) Kalt Supervisory Transportation Program Specialist
8 Ranae Tunison Transportation Program Specialist
9 Susan Ko General Engineer
10 Abhishek Koirala Transportation Program Specialist