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Mobility Payment Integration (MPI) Program

Graphic with icons representing mobile payment integration.

 What's New

  • On January 19, 2021, FTA announced that 37 projects in 35 states and one territory will receive a share of approximately $15.8 million in funding. Out of those 37 projects, 15 payment integration-related projects were selected under the Public Transportation COVID-19 Research Demonstration Grant (COVID-19) Program.
  • On August 27, 2020, FTA announced 25 projects in 24 states and one territory will receive a share of approximately $14 million in funding through the AIM initiative to support mobility and innovation in the transit industry. Out of those 25 projects, 15 received funding to demonstrate payment integration solutions.
  • On March 16, 2020, FTA announced selections for $20.3 million in FY 2019 IMI projects. The selected 25 demonstration projects focus on Mobility on Demand, Strategic Transit Automation Research and Mobility Payment Integration.  Out of those 25 projects, eight received funding to demonstrate payment integration solutions.


The Mobility Payment Integration (MPI) Program researches and demonstrates integrated payment technologies in multimodal settings to support the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) priorities in income equity, racial equality, environmental sustainability, and accessibility. The program aims to invest in research, demonstration, and strategic partnership activities that move the industry forward in achieving integrated mobility systems that also support the DOT’s Complete Trips vision and principles. 

The goals of MPI are to:

  • Explore emerging technologies and solutions for integrated payment 
  • Demonstrate and evaluate integrated payment solutions through investment and strategic partnerships 
  • Prepare the transportation industry to utilize multimodal integrated payment services that will enhance efficiency, improve customer convenience, and increase access to mobility services
  • Enables the widespread deployment of multimodal integrated mobility solutions that are connected, equitable, and effective to enhance the personal mobility of all travelers

The primary objectives of MPI are to:

  • Support technical, institutional, and operational approaches of integrated payment services through federal investment in partnership-based local demonstrations
  • Measure the impacts of integrated payment services on travelers, transportation modes, and the transportation network
  • Develop guidance, resources, and tools that support local decision making, partnership building, and institutional models for effective industry partnerships 
  • Assess relevant federal funding/reporting requirements, regulations, and policies that may impact adoption of integrated payment systems, and identify opportunities for federal-level policy changes that support integrated transportation solutions 
  • Share knowledge with other FTA programs, DOT modal administrations, and other federal agencies to enable implementation of integrated payment solutions

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include all activities leading to the development and testing of integrated payment solutions, such as developing business models, obtaining equipment and service, acquiring or developing software and hardware interfaces, operating or implementing solutions, and evaluating project results. 

Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients include providers of public transportation, including public transportation agencies, state/local government DOTs, and federally recognized Indian tribes. 

Statutory Reference

Public Transportation Innovation (49 U.S.C. § 5312)

Allocation of Funding

The MPI projects are funded under FTA’s Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment program authority.


The Federal share of project costs under this program is limited to 80 percent. Proposers may seek a lower federal contribution. The applicant must provide the local share of the net project cost in cash, or in-kind, and must document in its application the source of the local match.

Selected Projects

  • 25 MPI projects were selected under the FY 2019 IMI Program
  • 25 MPI projects were selected under the FY 2020 AIM Program
  • 15 MPI projects were selected under the FY 2021 COVID-19 Program