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FTA Bus Testing Contact Information

To obtain an FTA determination on bus testing requirements and/or an authorization to test a bus:

  1. Review the requirements at Bus Testing Requirements Determination and Testing Authorization Process.
  2. Log in to the FTA Bus Testing Portal, which will prompt you to enter and/or upload the required information, and give you the option to save your work to complete later or submit it to FTA for review.
  3. FTA will review the information and respond directly in the Portal with our determination of Bus Testing requirements and/or our authorization to begin testing.
  4. The submitter and the Altoona Bus Testing Center will both receive automatic notifications and copies of FTA’s determination and/or authorization as soon as we have finalized it.
  5. A bus manufacturer can contact the Altoona Bus Testing Center to finalize arrangements for testing its bus as soon as it receives the FTA authorization notice from the Portal.  

For other questions or suggestions, email: (We recommend that you not contact us by mail, delivery, or fax unless we specifically request that you do so in a particular situation.)

For media inquiries to FTA, contact the Public Affairs Team.

See the Altoona Bus Testing Center for more information.