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FY 2013 Statistical Summary

Other Yearly Summaries

Appropriations and Budget Authorities

Narrative Explanation

Narrative Explanation of Vehicles Purchased and Funds Awarded (MS Word)

All Programs

Urbanized Area Formula Program (Section 5307)

Clean Fuels Formula Program (Section 5308)

Capital Program (Section 5309)

Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Program (Section 5310)

Non-Urbanized Area Formula Program (Section 5311)

Job Access / Reverse Commute Programs (Section 3037)

Over-The-Road Bus Program (Section 3038)

Metropolitan / State Planning

Alternatives Analysis Program (Section 5339)

Alternative Transportation In Parks and Public Lands (Section 5320)

New Freedom (Section 5317)

Misc. Federal Highway Administration Transfers

Flexible Funds

TIGGER Program

TIGER Program

Bus and Bus Facilities Program (Section 5339)

State of Good Repair Program (Section 5337)

Updated: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
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