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U.S./Africa Transportation Workshop, "Developing Sustainable Transportation Systems," Arusha, Tanzania, August 26 - 27, 2009


Welcome Address and Offical Ceremony

  • Welcome Address by Secretary General East Africa Community, Juma Mwapuchu
  • Welcome Address by U.S. Embassy, Emily Shaffer, Economic and Commercial Officer.  Presentation.
  • Keynote Address, Minister of Infrastructure and Development, Honorable Eng. Abdulrazaq A. Ali, Permanent Secretary , Transport Ministry of Kenya
  • Introduction of U.S. Delegation

Session #1 - Releiving Urban Congestion - Moderator:  Permanent Secretary, Republic of Kenya, Eng. Abdulrezaq A. Ali

  1. Urban Congestion in African Cities - Godfrey Wandera, Commissioner of Transport Planning, Ministry of Works and Transport.  Presentation  
  2. Transportation Planning and Design in Practice - Dr. Adiele Nwankwo, Senior Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Presentation.
  3. Example of a Successful Project in East Africa, Developing the Dar Bus Rapid Transit System - Eng. Enoch Kitandu, Dar-es-Salaam Bus Rapid Transit System.  Presentation.
  4. Example of Successful Project in the U.S. - Urban Transportation Development in Houston, Texas - Shirley DeLibero, President DeLibero Transporation Strategies.  Presentation.

Session #2 - Transportation for Vulnerable Populations and Road and Passenger Safety - Moderator:  Permanent Secretary, Republic of Rwanda, Marie Claire Mukasine

  1. The Need for Transportation Services for Vulnerable Populations in Africa - Kaganzi Rutachwamgyo, Disability Leader.  Presentation.
  2. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accessible Transportation in the United States - Roscoe Brown, Director of Coordinated Transporation Programs,      Indianapolis Public Transportation Group.  Presentation.  
  3. Planning and Design to Support Safe Transport including Provisions for Non-Motorized Transport, the African Experience - Paul Kwamusi, Road Safety Coordinator, Kampala, Uganda.  Presentation.
  4. U.S. Approach to Roadway Traffic Safety - Ron Boenau, U.S. Dept. of Transportation Federal Transit Administration.  Presentation.

Session #3 - Developing Regional Transport Corridors and Inter-modality of Seaports, Railroad and Roadway - Moderator:  Director for Transport, Uganda, James Grace Itazi

  1. A Value Chain Approach to Enhancing Transit Competitiveness - Shemmy Simuyemba, USAID/COMPETE, Kenya.  Presentation.
  2. Increasing Port Capacity in Africa - Jerome Ntibarekerwa, Execitive Secretary, Port Management Association for Eastern and Southern Africa. Presentation. 
  3. Increasing Port Capacity, U.S. Perspectives - Michael Gordon, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Maritime Administration.  Presentation.
  4. Regional Approach to Rail Development - Kingston Mkandawire, Former CEO MD/CEO of Tazara.  Presentation.
  5. Rail Issues in Trans-shipment - SMAK Kaombwe, Central Development Corridor, Kigali.  Presentation.

Session #4 - Partnership Opportunities and Impact on Development - Moderator:  Permanent Secretary, Posts and Telecommunications, Burundi, Pierre Bayihishako

  1. Project Financing Alternatives in Africa - Joseph O. Haule, Manager Road Fund Board, Tanzania.  Presentation. 
  2. Case Examples of Public - Private Partnerships in the U.S. - Dwayne Sampson, Superintendent of Maintenance Operations, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City Transit Authority.  Presentation.
  3. Public Private Parnerships in Africa - Joel Kolker, Niarobi Office, PPIAF.  Presentation.
  4. The Importance of Public Participation and Outreach in Project Development - Gary Flunoy, Valley Metro Rail, Phoenix, AZ.  Presentation.
  5. Other Approaches to Private Sector Involvement - Jason Nagy, U.S. Trade and Development Agency.  Presentation.

Session #5 - Role of Technology Transfer Centers - Moderator:  Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Tanzania

  1. Technology Transfer Centres in Africa - Hagai Bishanga, Technology Transfer Centre, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.  Presentation.
  2. Transportation Technology Exchange in the U.S. and Globally - Kay Nordstrom, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration. Presentation.
  3. U.S. National Transit Institute - Ron Boenau, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration.  Presentation.

Conference Wrap-up and Closing Ceremony

  • Philip Wambugu, Director of Infrastructure, EAC
  • Julie Cunningham, Executive Director, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, Washington, DC
  • Jean Claude Nsengiyumva, Deputy Secreatary General, Productive and Social Sector, EAC  Presentation.
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