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Technical Projects

All projects receive at least 50 percent of their funding through local and private contributions

title Consortia Partners (State) Project Summary
American Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration CALSTART SunLine Transit (CA), BAE Systems (NY), El Dorado (CA), Ballard FC (MA) Development and demonstration of a “Buy America” compliant fuel cell bus with improved fuel cell, energy storage, and electric drive subsystems in a dessert climate
Compound Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration CALSTART MUNI (CA), BAE Systems (NY) Development and evaluation of a bus with a small fuel cell, coupled with diesel hybrid electric drive, and energy storage system in transit environment
Accelerated Fuel Cell Bus Testing CALSTART AC Transit (CA), UTC Power (CT) Continued testing and improvements in three existing fuel cell buses
Next Generation Fuel Cell Power System Development for Fuel Cell Transit Bus Commercialization CALSTART UTC Power (CT) Development of a fuel cell optimized for transit applications, and in compliance with “Buy America” requirements
Chicago Transit Authority Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration in Large Transit Fleet CALSTART El Dorado (CA), Ballard (MA), BAE Systems (NY), Chicago CTA (IL), Air Products (PA) Introduction in operating next generation “Buy America” compliant fuel cell bus in large fleet environment, and development of technology enabling operation in cold climates
Hybrid Fuel Cell Power Converter CALSTART US Hybrid (CA) Scaling an existing automotive fuel cell DC-DC high power converter to satisfy the range of heavy duty hybrid fuel cell transit bus requirements
Integrated Auxiliary Module for Fuel Cell Bus CALSTART US Hybrid (CA) Development of low-cost, compact auxiliary module to provide high current and low voltage DC power
BUS 2010 Next Gen Compound Hybrid Fuel Cell Bus CALSTART BAE Systems (NY), Hydrogenics (Canada), SFMTA (CA) Integration and operation of enhanced Hydrogenics fuel cell on existing hybrid fuel cell bus in transit service
Proterra Hybrid Fuel Cell Bus Development and Demonstration CTE Proterra (SC), CMRTA (SC), CapMetro (TX) Development and demonstration of an innovative, lightweight fuel cell bus to maximize efficiency and durability
Proterra Advanced Fuel Cell Bus with Ballard Fuel Cell System CTE Proterra (SC), Ballard (MA), CMRTA (SC), DDOT (DC), University of Texas CEM (TX) Development and demonstration of 35-foot fuel cell bus with composite body and enhanced fuel cell
ECO Saver IV Hybrid Electric Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration CTE Ohio State University (OH), Design Line (NC), Ballard (MA) Integration of a fuel cell into a lightweight chassis on an established hybrid platform
Birmingham Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration Program CTE BJCTA (AL), EV America (TN), UAB (AL), Ballard (MA), Altairnano (IN) Demonstration of a new vehicle integrator in a smaller transit agency and southern climate
DC/DC Converter Development Program CTE Embedded Power Control (VA) Development of a more robust DC-DC converter for more reliable hot-weather operation
UTC “Nutmeg” Project with Vanhool/UTC 4 bus demo in CT NAVC UTC Power (CT), CT Transit (CT) Integration and operation of fuel cell power system onto four new 40-foot buses to increase durability, reliability, and performance of the fuel cell system
Massachusetts Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Bus with Innovative Fueling NAVC Nuvera Fuel Cell, Inc. (MA), BAE Systems (NY), Logan Airport (MA) Integration and demonstration of fuel cell onto a lightweight bus with advanced electric drive systems
GE Lightweight Fuel Cell Bus with Energy Storage NAVC GE Global Research (NY), Proterra (SC) Development of a lightweight hybrid fuel cell bus using a small fuel cell with an advanced energy storage system.
Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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