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Research Publications 2009

November 2009

October 2009

  • The EmX Franklin Corridor BRT Project Evaluation - Project evaluation of the EmX Franklin Corridor BRT, a Bus Rapid Transit project funded by the Federal Transit Administration in the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area in Oregon.
  • Electronic Fare Collection Options for Commuter Railroads - Research discusses technical and institutional issues and “lessons learned” related to the implementation of automated fare collection systems on commuter railroads in the United States.
  • East Tennessee Hydrogen Initiative (Chattanooga) - This research has led to the design and implementation of a system for generating, compressing, storing and dispensing hydrogen in sufficient quantities to support testing of hydrogen fueled transit vehicles. This report provides background information on alternative fuels and compares various methods for producing hydrogen including nuclear energy, coal gasification, electrolysis and natural gas reformation.
  • A Transit Methodology Using Six Sigma For Heavy Rail Vehicle Maintenance Programs - Research developing a methodology for determining how substantial public resources should be invested so that rail transit operations can be improved relative to capital and operating efficiencies. The research used a proven methodology tool (Six Sigma) for increasing productivity.

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