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Real Time Asset Management Project Selections

State Project Sponsor Project Description Funding Amount
IL Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will receive funding to partner with four transit agencies to install and demonstrate smart sensing technology. The project will focus on the installation of smart sensing modules that provide real-time monitoring of rail transit infrastructure and rolling stock. $395,000
MD Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) The Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) will receive funding to initiate an electronic inventory of its light-rail system to monitor, detect and identify track deficiencies. The project will enable MDOT MTA to maintain a more accurate assessment of its light rail system which serves Baltimore and the surrounding areas. $150,000
NV Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) will receive funding to partner with the University of Nevada to demonstrate real-time transit infrastructure monitoring in the City of Reno. The monitoring system, which will use electronic sensors, will assist RTC in maintaining its system in a state of good repair. $131,661
PA Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) will receive funding to deploy automated scanning technology to assess the condition of its overhead contact system wires. This new technology will assist SEPTA in maintaining a state of good repair and continued service reliability throughout its 262-mile regional rail network. $170,000
TX Dallas Area Rapid Transit The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) will receive funding to demonstrate real-time digital technology to monitor its rail stations, tracks, bridges, tunnels and highway-rail crossings. This technological enhancement will help DART maintain a state-of-good repair and continued service reliability. $184,000
UT Utah Transit Authority (UTA) The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) will receive funding to develop an optical imaging system to monitor the conditions of its rail system which serves Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. A fully developed program will help UTA maintain a state-of-good repair and provide long-term monitoring of track and rail-tie conditions. $338,155

Total Funds: