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Outreach Efforts

In advancing the commercialization of fuel cell buses, a critical activity is sharing the latest findings with industry and the public. Below are outreach projects and their products: 

Project Title: Survey of Hydrogen Bus Users 2002-2007

Consortia: CTE
Summary: A survey of worldwide hydrogen bus demonstrations, 2002—2007 and report with analysis of technologies. 
Outcomes: A Report on Worldwide Hydrogen Bus Demonstrations, 2002-2007

Project Title: Coordination of Communications and Outreach for NFCBP

Consortia: CTE
Summary: Conduct outreach and coordination nationally and internationally, and provide information on fuel cell bus technology. One of the most recent efforts is the “International Fuel Cell Bus Collaborative” website. 
Outcomes: International FuelCellBus Collaborative

Fuel Cell Bus U.S. Market Analysis and Study

Consortia: CALSTART
Summary: Analysis of fuel cell bus market, particularly on fuel cell bus demand, price sensitivity, consumer acceptance, environmental regulation and policy, energy efficiency benefits, and service and maintenance requirements, based on input from U.S. transit operators  
Outcomes: National Fuel Cell Bus Program

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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