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2023 Tribal Consultation: Seeking Comments on the Tribal Transit Program

FTA is conducting a consultation with Tribal Nations and requesting comments related to the Tribal Transit Program (TTP). Specifically, FTA is consulting with Tribal recipients to ensure the TTP is administered in a beneficial manner following increases in the amount of funding available and increases in the number of Tribes participating, as well as other changes related to the program. 

  • On August 15, 2023, FTA issued a notice in the Federal Register seeking comment on how the FTA’s Tribal Transit competitive program and technical assistance to Tribes are administered. The notice will introduce FTA’s consultation process and schedule, including a public meeting.
  • Comments can be submitted by going to, identifying your submission with docket number FTA–2023-0015 and following the online instructions. Comments to the docket are due on December 13.
  • FTA hosted an in-person consultation, co-hosted with the National Transportation in Indian Country Conference, in Anchorage, Alaska.


  • FTA hosted an in-person consultation at the National Transportation in Indian Country Conference, in Anchorage, Alaska on Monday, September 25, 2023.
  • FTA held a virtual consultation on November 2, 2023:

While feedback provided at the events will inform FTA’s decision-making, please note that comments must be submitted in writing, through to be considered as part of the official consultation.

Eligible recipients of the Tribal Transit competitive program are highly encouraged to participate in the consultation.

  • On August 8, FTA published a Dear Tribal Leader letter informing Tribal Leaders of the consultation process and providing information on how to participate.

FTA Tribal Consultation Policy

The FTA is committed to ensuring that programs, policies, and procedures are responsive to the needs and concerns of Indian Tribes. USDOT Order 5301.1A explains that FTA will engage in formal government-to-government consultation with Federally-recognized Tribes before taking any action that may significantly or uniquely affect them. Potential policy changes under the Tribal Transit competitive program FTA is considering may significantly affect Tribes. This FTA action also supports EO 13175: Executive Order on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments.

The Federal government’s commitment to implement EO 13175 is reaffirmed in the Biden Administration’s January 26, 2021 Presidential Memo on Tribal Consultation and Strengthening Nation-to-Nation Relationships, and the November 30, 2022 Presidential Memo on Uniform Standards for Tribal Consultation.