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ConnDOT EEO Compliance Review

Location: Newington, CT
Date of Final Report: September, 2011

Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) Transmittal Letter

September 7, 2011

Mr. James P. Redeker
Acting Commissioner
State of Connecticut Department of Transportation
2800 Berlin Turnpike P.O. Box 317546
Newington, CT 06131-7546

RE: EEO Compliance Review Final Report

Dear Mr. Redeker:

Thank you for your response to the Federal Transit Administration's (FT A) letter and preliminary report of findings of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Compliance Review of the contractors that operate public transit service, under agreements with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT), conducted from December 7-9, 2010. Enclosed is the final report that incorporates ConnDOT's official response, submitted on June 27, 2011.

We are pleased with the progress you have made in responding to the findings of the review as presented in your June 27, 2011 response to the draft report. It appears that ConnDOT's Acting EEO Director, Nancy Bryant, has taken positive steps to improve its contractor's EEO programs by working to correct the deficiencies in the areas of Program Submission, Statement of Policy, Dissemination, Designation of Personnel Responsibility, Utilization Analysis, Goals and Timetables, Assessment of Employment Practices and Monitoring and Reporting Systems.

All corrective actions must be closed within 120 days of the date of this letter. To assure FT A has the opportunity to review and comment on the corrective actions, please submit responses, no later than December 7, 2011. Once we have reviewed your submissions, we will either request clarification or additional corrective action, or will close out the finding if your response sufficiently addresses the FT A EEO Circular's requirement. Please submit your responses to Ms. Heard with a copy to Ms. Griffin at the following addresses:

Mr. James P. Redeker

Ms. Anita Heard
Equal Opportunity Specialist
FTA Office of Civil Rights
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

Ms. Margaret (Peggy) Griffin
Region I Civil Rights Officer
Federal Transit Administration
55 Broadway, Suite 920
Cambridge, MA 02142-1093

We appreciate the cooperation and assistance that you and your staff have provided us during this review. If you have any questions about this matter, please contact Ms. Anita Heard, Office of Civil Rights at (202) 493-0318 or at her email address, Anita.Heard


Linda Ford
Acting Director, Office of Civil Rights

Ms. Mary Beth Mello, Regional Administrator, Region I
Ms. Margaret (Peggy) Griffin, Region I Civil Rights Officer
Ms. Anita Heard, Equal Opportunity Specialist, Office of Civil Rights
Ms. Maxine Marshall, Lead Reviewer/EEO, DMP Group
Mr. Albert Martin, Deputy Commissioner, ConDOT
Ms. Nancy Bryant, Acting EEO Director, ConnDOT


Last updated: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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