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2023–2026 Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility Strategic Plan

On October 27, 2022, FTA convened the Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM), a federal interagency council that coordinates funding and provides expertise on human services transportation for people with disabilities, older adults, and individuals of low income, and officially adopted the 2023 – 2026 CCAM Strategic Plan. The plan prioritizes expanding safe access to transit, providing affordable mobility options, and sets a framework for collaboration among CCAM grantees at all levels and across jurisdictions.

The CCAM created the plan through collective engagement among leadership, staff, and stakeholders from across the CCAM partner agencies during 10 federal working sessions held from February to June 2022. In addition, the CCAM held four listening sessions from May to June 2022, where each CCAM agency invited stakeholders, including national, state, and local agencies, organizations, and associations, who provided valuable input.  

* Update: Within the 2023–2026 CCAM Strategic Plan, Activity 1.2 lists the CCAM research program name as, “Mobility Access, Links to Opportunity,” which has since been updated to, “Mobility, Access & Transportation Insecurity: Creating Links to Opportunity Research and Demonstration Program.”


The plan required a collective effort from CCAM members and stakeholders to develop; from now to 2026, the same coordination is being harnessed to implement its strategies to improve transportation access for all. For more details on the performance measures, visit the 2023 – 2026 CCAM Strategic Plan.

Learn more about the strategic goals, activities, and performance measure progress below:

Goals and Activities

Goal 1: Strengthen the CCAM and improve multisector collaboration at all levels and across jurisdictions.

  • Activity 1.1 – Create and manage a CCAM national technical assistance (TA) center that works across multiple sectors and builds mobility management capacity, connecting regional, state, and local CCAM partners to improve transportation access.
  • Activity 1.2 - Develop and implement a CCAM research program, titled “Mobility Access, Links to Opportunity,” funded by 49 U.S.C. § 5312 – Public Transportation Innovation and under the direction of the FTA Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation, illustrating the impact of access to transportation on people’s lives (i.e., life/transit link) and CCAM partner agencies’ missions.
  • Activity 1.3 - Strengthen coordination between federally funded TA centers and the CCAM, by leveraging existing resources, to support mobility for all.
  • Activity 1.4 - Formalize CCAM personnel (i.e., designated position) within CCAM agencies.

Goal 2: Promote the development of safer and more accessible transportation networks.

  • Activity 2.1 - Encourage adoption of policies and plans that improve safe networks and access to transportation (e.g., Complete Streets, zero death initiatives like Vision Zero) to improve physical and personal safety and well-being.

Goal 3: Address CCAM agency policies that impede transportation coordination.

  • Activity 3.1 - Clarify policies to improve non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) and transportation coordination that better serves diverse community needs.

Performance Measure

The following table highlights completed performance measures.

Performance Measure Completion Year Optional Notes
1.1.4 - By 2026, increase the number of community grants issued by FTA TA centers that explicitly include performance measures to track the impact of projects with multisector CCAM partners involved by 5% each year. 2023  
1.1.6 - By 2026, convene at least four State roundtables (one each year) with State-level CCAM grantees (e.g., State Agency on Aging, State DOT, State Offices of Rural Health, etc.) and maintain at least 90% State-level CCAM grantee participation. 2023* *This performance measure has yearly completion requirements
1.3.4 - By 2026, increase the number of activities in FTA-funded TA centers’ SOWs that explicitly encourage State-level transportation coordination across human services agencies and public transit agencies and involvement of State departments of transportation to 25%, and then increase by 5% each year thereafter. 2023  
3.1.9 - By 2024, FTA will draft the next NOFO for Section 3006(b) of the FAST Act (Pub. L. 114-94, Dec. 4, 2015) Pilot Program for ICAM and collaborate with CMS to link to the 2023 sub-regulatory guidance to help inform potential applicants about flexibilities within Medicaid NEMT. 2023  
Last updated: Friday, February 9, 2024
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