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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

CCAM Agencies

The member agencies of the Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility work together to promote accessible, efficient, effective transportation options to serve the needs of seniors, people with disabilities, and those with low incomes. Together, CCAM agencies represent 130 federal programs that support transportation services. CCAM’s partners include:

Program Inventory

The newly released CCAM inventory of federal programs providing transportation services to the transportation disadvantaged is available in PDF and Excel. As of May 10, 2019, per the 2012 General Accounting Office (GAO) report, Transportation-Disadvantaged Populations: Federal Coordination Efforts Could Be Further Strengthened, the FTA’s Charter Service Regulations (49 CFR Part 604) -- specifically Appendix A - Federal Programs Providing Transportation Assistance -- and CCAM agency representatives, the current number of federal programs that may fund transportation services to the transportation disadvantaged is 122. The criteria for inclusion in this inventory is that transportation service for one or more CCAM target populations is an eligible program expense, but inclusion does not necessarily imply grantees are using funds for such purpose.

The CCAM is currently working to further expand the inventory of federal programs that provide funding for human services transportation for people with disabilities, older adults, and/or individuals of low income to include: program references, spending, recipients and beneficiaries, as well as eligible and/or required transportation activities.

The inventory update stems from the 2012 GAO report, defining federal programs available for use in coordinated transportation arrangements in Appendix II - Inventory of Federal Programs Providing Transportation Services to the Transportation Disadvantaged. Eighty federal programs were found to be authorized to fund transportation services for the transportation disadvantaged, but transportation is not the primary mission of most of the programs GAO identified. Of these, the Department of Transportation administers 7 programs that support public transportation. The remaining 73 programs are administered by 7 other federal agencies and provide a variety of human services, such as job training, education, or medical care, which incorporate transportation as an eligible expense in support of program goals. Total federal spending on transportation services for the transportation disadvantaged remains unknown because, in many cases, federal departments do not separately track spending for these services. However, total funding for the 28 programs that do track or estimate transportation spending, including obligations and expenditures, was at least $11.8 billion in fiscal year 2010.

Last updated: Thursday, September 24, 2020