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CCAM Agencies

The Secretary of Transportation chairs the Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility (CCAM), and 10 additional agency leaders form the rest of the CCAM’s membership. The CCAM agencies work together to promote accessible, efficient, and effective transportation options to serve the needs of people with disabilities, older adults, and individuals of low income. Together, the CCAM agencies administer 130 Federal programs that may fund human services transportation for CCAM’s targeted populations.

Nine of the 11 total CCAM members—the Departments of Agriculture (USDA), Education (ED), Health and Human Services (HHS), Housing and Urban Affairs (HUD), Interior (DOI), Justice (DOJ), Labor (DOL), Transportation (DOT), and Veterans Affairs (VA)—currently fund grant programs that can fund human service transportation. The additional two CCAM members—the National Council on Disability (NCD) and the Social Security Administration (SSA)—provide valuable expertise to enhance the CCAM’s ability to serve its targeted populations. The CCAM agencies include:

Department of Agriculture

Transportation connects people to nutrition services and improves the quality of life in rural America by increasing access to communities. USDA programs fund transportation services that connect rural Americans and other USDA beneficiaries to key community facilities and nutrition services.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Food and Nutrition Service
  • Rural Development

Department of Education

Transportation services enable student achievement by promoting equal access to education. ED programs fund transportation services that connect constituents to education opportunities.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Programs
  • Rehabilitation Services Administration

Department of Health and Human Services

Transportation can improve health outcomes by connecting patients to care. HHS increases access to essential services by funding non-emergency medical transportation and other transportation services for eligible beneficiaries.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Administration for Children and Families
  • Administration for Community Living
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Health Resources and Services Administration
  • Indian Health Service
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

HHS Transportation Coordination Resources

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Transportation fosters inclusive communities by connecting individuals and improving access to supportive services. HUD builds strong communities by funding transportation for targeted populations in underserved areas.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Office of Community Planning and Development
  • Office of Housing
  • Office of Policy Development and Research
  • Office of Public and Indian Housing

Department of the Interior

Transportation improves American Indians and Alaska Natives’ access to education opportunities. DOI administers programs that provide and fund transportation for American Indian and Alaska Native families.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Bureau of Indian Education

Department of Justice

Transportation provides opportunities for people in crisis. DOJ facilitates this assistance by helping people access vital services, reduce violent and drug-related crime, support law enforcement, and combat victimization.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • Civil Rights Division
  • Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency

Department of Labor

Transportation advances opportunities for employment by connecting people to jobs and training services. DOL administers programs that provide transportation to employment services and job training for individuals of low income.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Employment and Training Administration
  • Office of Disability Employment Policy
  • Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs
  • Veterans Employment and Training Service

DOL Transportation Coordination Resources

Department of Transportation

Transportation serves a vital national interest by connecting people to their communities. DOT administers grant programs that fund transit services and capital projects that increase access to transportation for all Americans.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Federal Transit Administration
  • Office of the Secretary

DOT Transportation Coordination Resource

Department of Veterans Affairs

Transportation serves America’s Veterans and their families by connecting them to the benefits and support they earned through their service. VA both funds and provides this transportation for eligible beneficiaries.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Veterans Health Administration

VA Transportation Coordination Resource

National Council on Disability

Transportation is key to independent living and community engagement for all people, including people with disabilities. NCD advises the Federal Government regarding disability policies, programs, procedures, and practices that enhance equal opportunity. NCD does not fund transportation for targeted populations.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Policy and Legal Team

Social Security Administration

SSA supports people with disabilities, individuals of low income, and older adults by providing financial protection to these groups and by connecting them to essential services. SSA can enhance Federal coordination by providing insight into the broad range of benefits available to CCAM’s targeted populations. SSA does not fund transportation for targeted populations.

Relevant Subagencies

  • Office of Retirement and Disability Policy
Last updated: Monday, August 22, 2022