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EEO Compliance

EEO Compliance Table
Property Name Documents Location Date of Final Report
Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) Dover, DE April, 2016
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA)
  • RIPTA Final Report (MS Word)
  • RIPTA Transmittal Letter (PDF)

Providence, RI

September, 2012
Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA)
  • WRTA Final Report (MS Word)
  • WRTA Transmittal Letter (PDF)

Worcester, MA

August, 2012
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit)
  • AC Transit Final Report (MS Word)
  • AC Transit Transmittal Letter (PDF)

Oakland, CA

April, 2012
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART)
  • HART Final Report (MS Word)
  • HART Transmittal Letter (PDF)

Tampa, FL

April, 2012
Utah Transit Authority (UTA)
  • UTA Final Report (MS Word)
  • UTA Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Salt Lake City, UT April, 2012
Bi-State Development Agency (METRO)
  • METRO St. Louis Final Report (MS Word)
  • METRO St. Louis Transmittal Letter (PDF)
St. Louis, MO February, 2012
VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority (VIA)
  • VIA Final Report (MS Word)
  • VIA Transmittal Letter (PDF)
San Antonio, TX January, 2012
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Rail Corporation (METRA)
  • METRA Final Report (MS Word)
  • METRA Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Chicago, IL October, 2011
Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT)
  • ConnDOT Final Report (MS Word)
  • ConnDOT Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Newington, CT September, 2011
New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ TRANSIT)
  • NJ Transit Final Report (MS Word)
  • NJ Transit Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Newark, NJ September, 2011
Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART)
  • SMART Final Report (MS Word)
  • SMART Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Detroit, MI September, 2011
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)
  • SFMTA Final Report (MS Word)
  • SFMTA Transmittal Letter (PDF)
San Francisco, CA July, 2011
Miami - Dade Transit (MDT)
  • MDT Final Report (MS Word)
  • MDT Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Miami, FL June, 2011
King County Department of Transportation (King County DOT)
  • King County DOT Final Report (MS Word)
  • King County DOT Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Seattle, WA May, 2011
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
  • DART Final Report (PDF)
  • DART Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Dallas, TX October, 2010
Triangle Transit
  • Triangle Transit Final Report (PDF)
  • Triangle Transit Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Durham, NC October, 2010
Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)
  • MTA Final Report (PDF)
  • MTA Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Baltimore, MD August, 2010
Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners (PALM TRAN)
  • PALM TRAN Final Report (MS Word)
  • PALM TRAN Transmittal Letter (PDF)

Palm Beach County, FL

July, 2010
Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportaion Authority (RGRTA)
  • RGRTA Final Report (MS Word)
  • RGRTA Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Rochester, NY March, 2010
Brazos Transit District (BTD)
  • BTD Final Report (MS Word)
  • BTD Transmittal Letter (PDF)
Bryan, TX February, 2010
Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority (BART)
  • BART Final Report (MS Word)
  • BART Transmittal Letter (MS Word)
San Francisco, CA November, 2008
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (Metro)
  • Metro Final Report (MS Word)
  • Metro Transmittal Letter (MS Word)
Houston, TX November, 2008
Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)
  • MTS Final Report (MS Word)
  • MTS Transmittal Letter (MS Word)
San Diego, CA August, 2008
Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA)
  • MBTA Final Report (MS Word)
  • MBTA Transmittal Letter (MS Word)
Boston, MA July, 2008
Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT)
  • RT Final Report (MS Word)
  • RT Transmittal Letter (MS Word)
Sacramento, CA October, 2007
Updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2016
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