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CMRTA ADA Compliance Review - June 30, 2014

Location: Columbia, SC
Date of Final Report: June 30, 2014

Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (CMRTA) Transmittal Letter

July 2, 2014
RE: ADA Complementary Paratransit Compliance Review Final Report

Dear Dr. Schneider:

This letter concerns the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) ADA Complementary Paratransit Review of Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority (CMRTA) conducted from January 6-9,2014. Enclosed is a copy of the Final Report, which will be posted on FT A's website on our ADA page. As of the date of this letter, the Final Report is a public document and is subject to dissemination under the Freedom of Information Act of 1974.

The FT A Office of Civil Rights is responsible for ensuring that providers of public transportation comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) implementing regulations at 49 CFR Parts 27, 37, 38, and 39. As part of our ongoing oversight efforts, FTA conducts a number of onsite compliance reviews to ensure compliance with the ADA and the applicable departmental regulations. FT A utilizes the findings from these reviews to provide technical assistance to transit agencies in order to achieve compliance with the ADA.

All corrective actions identified in the final Report must be closed within 60 days of the date of this letter. Once we have reviewed your submissions, we will either request clarification or additional corrective action, or will close out the finding if your response sufficiently addresses the ADA requirements. Please submit your responses to Anita Heard at

We appreciate the cooperation and assistance that you and your staff have provided us during this review, and we are confident CMRT A will take steps to correct the deficiencies. If you have any questions about this matter, please contact me at 202-366-1671 or via email,


John Day
ADA Team Leader

cc: Region V

DOT is committed to ensuring that information is available in appropriate alternative formats to meet the requirements of persons who have a disability. If you require an alternative version of files provided on this page, please contact
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