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LoNo-CAP Program FAQs

How should I enter information into the supplemental form?

An applicant reported that when they pasted text into a particular section of the supplemental form, the result was gibberish, so they attached a document containing the text that was intended to go in that section. This is an acceptable work-around if you encounter the same problem. Pasting plain text rather than formatted text may help avoid similar issues.

Applicants may wish to draft their applications in the software of their choice, and then paste the appropriate text into the corresponding sections of the Supplemental Form.  The fields on the Supplemental Form have character limits (that include spaces), so make sure that all of the intended content was successfully copied before submitting the supplemental form. Minimizing use of special formatting may help avoid compatibility issues.

Will the submission deadline be extended?

A participant on the November 17 webinar asked whether FTA could extend the application deadline for LoNo-CAP.  The deadline will not be extended, and continues to be 11:59 EDT on November 28, 2016 as stated in the Notice of Funding Availability (Eastern Standard Time is actually now in effect, but presumably the cutoff is “before midnight”).  Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications well before the deadline in case there are any technical issues that delay submission. Submitting during business hours will increase the availability of technical support in the event that you encounter issues when submitting. 

Are institutions of higher education based outside the United States eligible to apply?

An institution is eligible if the institution has been certified by the US Department of Education as an eligible recipient of Federal Student Financial Assistance, as provided for under Title 20 United States Code, Chapter 28, Subchapter 1.