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Environmental Decision Documents

The table below lists environmental decision documents, such as Records of Decision (RODs) or Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSIs), which are required under regulations implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969. This list of projects represents a portion of FTA's environmental decision documents in recent years. Entries in this table are moved to a table on a separate page once a project has been built, is operational, and is no longer under FTA's oversight.

  • FTA encourages grant applicants to post and maintain all project-related NEPA documents and environmental decision documents to a project website. FTA often links to those project websites.
  • All Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) are filed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and can be found in EPA's EIS Database along with the EISs from other federal agencies.

How to Use the Table

Access decision documents for specific projects by clicking the link next to it. Click on column headers to sort by column. 

Every attempt has been made to provide correct links and files in accessible formats. If you have difficulty accessing any document please contact the grant applicant or contact your FTA regional office for further assistance.

Environmental Decision Documents Table

FTA RegionProject NameLocationGrant ApplicationNEPA DecisionNEPA Decision DateDecision DocNEPA Doc
1New Haven Rail
Yard Maintenance Facility Improvements
New Haven, CTConnecticut DOTFONSI2009-05-07PDF 
1Green Line Extension ProjectCambridge, Medford, & Somerville, MAMass Bay Transp AuthFONSI2012-07-09HTMLHTML
1Norwalk Bridge Replacement ProjectNorwalk, CTConnecticut Department of TransportationFONSI2017-07-17PDF 
2Raritan River Bridge Replacement ProjectMiddlesex County, NJNew Jersey TransitFONSI2017-10-13HTMLHTML
2Portal Bridge Capacity Enhancement ProjectHudson County, NJNew Jersey TransitROD2017-07-25PDF 
2Long Slip Fill Rail EnhancementJersey City, NJNew Jersey TransitFONSI2016-10-20HTMLHTML
2Delco Lead Safe Haven Storage and Re-Inspection FacilityNorth Brunswick Township & City of New Brunswick, NJNew Jersey TransitFONSI2016-02-19HTMLHTML
Cut-Off Passenger Service
Restoration Project
North Jersey, NJNew Jersey TransitFONSI2009-10-02PDF 
2Main Street
Access & Revitalization Project
Buffalo, NYNiagara Frontier Transp AuthFONSI2009-10-05PDF 
2Colonial Road Improvement ProjectVillage of Thomaston, Nassau County, NYLong Island RailroadFONSI2013-03-12PDFHTML
268th Street/Hunter College Station ImprovementNew York, NYMTAFONSI2016-07-28HTMLHTML
2LIRR East Side
Access - 50th
Street Facility
2LIRR East Side
Access Project
New York, NYMTAROD2001-05-21HTMLHTML
2LIRR East Side
Access Project
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2006-04-13HTML 
2LIRR East Side
Access Project
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2008-07-14HTML 
2LIRR East Side
Access Project
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2010-03-03HTML 
2LIRR East Side
Access Project
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2013-11-04HTML 
2LIRR East Side Access ProjectNew York, NYMTARe-evaluation2015-04-24HTML 
2LIRR East Side Access ProjectNew York, NYMTARe-evaluation2015-07-10HTML 
2LIRR East Side Access ProjectNew York, NYMTARe-evaluation2016-03-07HTML 
2LIRR East Side Access ProjectNew York, NYMTARe-evaluation2018-03-30HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2007-01-05HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2007-04-17HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2007-07-12HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2008-09-30HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2010-04-27HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2010-09-17HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2011-12-15HTML 

Second Ave

New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2011-01-11HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2011-10-31HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTARe-evaluation2011-12-12HTML 
2Second Ave SubwayNew York, NYMTARe-evaluation2013-06-07HTML 
2Second Ave
New York, NYMTAFONSI2009-10-29PDF 
2Alternative Service Plan for the Canarsie Tunnel ProjectNew York, NYMTAFONSI2018-09-13HTMLHTML
2Alternative Service Plan for the Canarsie Tunnel ProjectNew York,
2Second Avenue
New York, NYMTAROD2004-07-08PDFHTML
2Second Avenue SubwayNew York, NYMTAFONSI2018-11-15HTMLHTML
Genesee Regional Transit Authority Campus Improvement
Rochester, NYRochester-Genesee RTAFONSI2013-07-25PDFPDF
Transit Facility
Wyandanch, NYTown of BabylonFONSI2010-09-23PDFHTML
3Anacostia Streetcar Extension ProjectWashington, DCDDOTFONSI2014-10-10HTMLHTML
3New Kirk Bus Garage ImprovementsBaltimore, MDMaryland Transit AdministrationFONSI2011-04-06PDF 
3Baltimore Red Line ProjectBaltimore, MDMaryland Transit AdministrationROD2013-02-28PDF 
3Purple Line ProjectMontgomery & Prince George's Counties, MDMaryland Transit AdministrationROD2014-03-19HTMLHTML
Separation Project
Bucks & Mercer Counties, PA & NJSEPTACE2014-01-13PDF 
314th Street Bus
Facility Expansion
Erie, PAErie Metro Transit AuthFONSI2010-02-17PDF 
3Coatesville Train Station RelocationCoatesville, PAPennDOTFONSI2012-03-21PDFHTML
3Middletown Train Station RelocationHarrisburg, PAPennDOTFONSI2011-08-15PDF 
3Ardmore Transit
Philadelphia, PASEPTAFONSI2011-06-07PDF 
3Potomac Yard Metrorail StationAlexandria, VACity of AlexandriaROD2016-10-31HTMLHTML
3Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project,
Phase 2 Preliminary Engineering Design Refinements
Fairfax & Loudoun counties, VAMetropolitan Washington Airports AuthorityFONSI2012-12-17PDF 

Transfer Facility, Phase II

Birmingham, ALCity of BirminghamFONSI2011-09-21PDF 
4Miami Intermodal Center Capacity Improvement ProjectMiami-Dade County, FLSouth Florida RTAFONSI2018-01-12HTMLHTML
4Wave Modern
Fort Lauderdale, FLSouth Florida RTAAmended FONSI2015-06-10PDFPDF

Jacksonville Bus
Rapid Transit System

Jacksonville, FLJacksonville Transp AuthROD2008-04-02PDFPDF
4Albany Multimodal Transit CenterAlbany, GACity of Albany; Georgia DOTFONSI2011-09-21PDFPDF
4Albany Multimodal Transit CenterAlbany, GACity of Albany; Georgia DOTFONSI2018-12-09HTMLHTML
4Connect Cobb CorridorCobb & Fulton counties, GACobb County DOTFONSI2016-04-01HTMLHTML
Light Rail Transit
Chapel Hill & Durham, NCResearch Triangle Regional Public Transportation AuthorityROD2016-02-11HTMLHTML


Light Rail Transit North Carolina Central University Station Refinement
Chapel Hill & Durham, NCResearch Triangle Regional Public Transportation AuthorityROD, Amended2016-12-14HTMLHTML
4LYNX Blue Line Extension
Northeast Corridor Light Rail Project
Charlotte, NCCharlotte Area Transit SystROD2011-12-05PDFHTML
Multi-Modal Bus Transfer Center
Fayetteville, NCCity of FayettevilleFONSI2010-10-07PDFPDF
Intermodal Transportation Center
Greenville, NCCity of GreenvilleFONSI2011-06-30PDFHTML
4Union Station Rehabilitation
and Bus Transfer Facility
Winston-Salem, NCCity of Winston-SalemFONSI2008-08-12PDF 
4Charlotte Gateway Station ProjectCharlotte, NCCharlotte Area Transit SystFONSI2009-04-22 PDF

North Charleston Regional
Intermodal Transportation

North Charleston, SCCARTAFONSI2016-02-02HTMLHTML
Wabash Loop Elevated
Station Project
595th Street Terminal Improvement ProjectChicago, ILCTAFONSI2013-07-17HTMLHTML
5Lawrence to Bryn
Mawr Modernization Project
5Red-Purple Bypass ProjectChicago, ILCTAFONSI2015-10-29HTMLHTML
5Wilson Transfer
Station Project
5Union Pacific North
Line Bridge Project
Chicago, ILMetraCE2011-09-06PDFPDF
5Woodward Avenue Streetcar ProjectDetroit, MIMichigan Department of TransportationROD, Amended2013-04-05HTMLHTML
5West Lake Corridor ProjectDyer and Hammond, INNorthern Indiana Commuter Transportationn DistrictROD2018-03-01HTMLHTML
5IndyGo Bus Rapid TransitIndianapolis, INIndianapolis Public Transportation CorporationCE2016-10-19PDFPDF
5Double Track Northwest Indiana ProjectCity of Gary to Michigan City, INNorthern Indiana Commuter Transportation DistrictFONSI2018-11-01HTMLHTML
5Purple Line Bus Rapid Transit ProjectMarion County, INThe Indianapolis Public Transportation CorporationCE2019-02-22PDFPDF
5Southwest Light Rail Transit ProjectMinneapolis, MNMetropolitan CouncilAmended ROD2018-05-15HTMLHTML
5METRO Blue Line Light Rail Transit Extension ProjectMinneapolis, MNMetropolitan CouncilROD2016-09-19HTMLHTML
5Southwest Light Rail ProjectMinneapolis, MNMetropolitan CouncilROD2016-07-15HTMLHTML
5The Milwaukee StreetcarMilwaukee, WICity of MilwaukeeFONSI2012-01-25PDFHTML
5Milwaukee East-West BRTMilwaukee, WIMilwaukee County, WIFONSI2018-11-29HTMLHTML


Baton Rouge, LACity of Baton Rouge, Parish of East Baton RougeFONSI2016-07-29HTMLHTML
6Cemeteries Transit Center ProjectNew Orleans, LANORTAFONSI2015-07-15PDF 
6Albuquerque Rapid TransitAlbuquerque, NMCity of AlbuquerqueDCE2015-08-26HTMLHTML
6University Corridor Fixed GuidewayHouston, TXMETRO of Harris CountyROD2010-07-26HTMLHTML
6TEX Rail Corridor ProjectTarrant County, TXFort Worth Transportation AuthorityROD2014-09-29PDFHTML
6TEX Rail Corridor ProjectTarrant County, TXFort Worth Transportation AuthorityROD, Amended2015-04-17HTMLHTML
6Cotton Belt Corridor Regional Rail ProjectTarrant, Dallas, & Collin Counties, TXDallas Area Rapid Transitcombined FEIS/ROD2018-11-09HTMLHTML
7St. Louis Loop TrolleySt. Louis, MOEast-West Gateway COGFONSI2011-05-23PDFHTML
7St. Louis Loop TrolleySt. Louis, MOEast-West Gateway COGRe-Evaluation2012-03-27PDF 
8Gold Line Corridor ProjectDenver, CORegional Transportation District (RTD)ROD2009-11-02PDFHTML
8Southeast ExtensionDouglas County, CORegional Transportation District (RTD)FONSI2014-10-17HTMLHTML
8Provo Orem Bus Rapid Transit
8Central Bus Operations and Maintenance
Salt Lake City, UTUTAFONSI2012-06-30PDFPDF
9Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension ProjectWashoe County, NVRCWCFONSI2018-06-16HTMLHTML
9Gilbert Road Extension ProjectPhoenix, AZValley MetroFONSI2013-11-15HTMLHTML
9South Central Light Rail ExtensionPhoenix, AZValley MetroFONSI2017-01-06HTMLHTML
9Tempe StreetcarTempe, AZValley MetroFONSI2015-10-27HTMLHTML
9Northwest Phase II Light Rail ExtensionPhoenix, AZValley MetroFONSI2019-02-05HTMLHTML
9East Bay Bus Rapid Transit ProjectAlameda County, CAAC TransitROD2012-06-08PDFPDF
Transit Center
Contra Costa County, CACity of HerculesROD2012-06-14HTMLHTML
9Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor ProjectLos Angeles, CALACMTAROD2012-12-30PDFHTML
9Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor ProjectLos Angeles, CALACMTAFONSI2012-09-04HTMLHTML
9Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor ProjectLos Angeles, CALACMTARe-Evaluation2013-03-21HTMLHTML
Connector Transit Corridor Project
Los Angeles, CALACMTAROD2012-06-29HTMLHTML
Connector Transit Corridor Project
Los Angeles, CALACMTASupplemental ROD2015-12-16HTMLHTML
9Section 2 of the Westside Purple Line Extension ProjectLos Angeles, CALACMTAAmended ROD2017-11-22HTMLHTML
9Westside Subway ExtensionLos Angeles, CALACMTAROD2012-08-09HTMLHTML
9Westside Subway ExtensionLos Angeles, CALACMTARe-Evaluation2012-10-10HTMLHTML
9South Sacramento Corridor Phase 2 ProjectSacramento, CASacramento Regional TransitROD2006-12-18PDF 
9South Sacramento Corridor Phase 2 ProjectSacramento, CASacramento Regional TransitFONSI2011-10-21HTMLHTML
9Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail ProjectSan Bernardino, CASANBAGFONSI2012-10-26HTMLHTML
9Redlands Passenger Rail TransitSan Bernardino & Redlands, CASANBAGROD2015-02-17HTMLHTML
9Midcoast Corridor Transit ProjectSan Diego, CASANDAGROD2014-10-15HTMLHTML
9Geary Corridor Bus RAPID Transit ProjectSan Francisco, CA


9Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal
Expansion Project
San Francisco, CASF Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation AuthorityROD2014-08-22HTMLHTML
9Transbay Terminal/ Caltrain Downtown Extension/ RedevelopmentSan Francisco, CATransbay Joint Powers AuthROD2005-02-08PDF 
9Transbay Terminal
/Caltrain Downtown
San Francisco, CATransbay Joint Powers AuthAmended ROD2019-8-14HTML 
9BART Warm
Springs Extension
San Francisco, CABay Area Rapid TransitROD2006-10-24 HTML
9Central Subway ProjectSan Francisco, CASFMTAROD2008-11-26PDFHTML
9Mission Bay Transit Loop ProjectSan Francisco, CASFMTAFONSI2013-07-30HTMLHTML
9Van Ness Bus
Rapid Transit
San Francisco, CASFMTAROD2013-12-20HTMLHTML
9Peninsula Corridor Electrification
Cities along the San Francisco to San Jose, CA corridorPeninsula Corridor Joint Powers BoardRe-Evaluation2016-02-11PDF 
9San Rafael to Larkspur Regional ConnectionCities of San Rafael and Larkspur, CASMARTFONSI2015-05-20HTMLHTML
9Silicon Valley
Rapid Transit Corridor
San Jose, CAS. Clara Valley Transp AuthROD2010-06-24PDF 
9Santa Ana Garden Grove Fixed Guideway ProjectSanta Ana & Garden Grove, CACity of Santa AnaFONSI2015-03-10HTMLHTML
9Silicon Valley Phase II Extension ProjectSanta Clara County, CASCVTAROD2018-06-04HTMLHTML
9Vasona Corridor Light Rail TransitSanta Clara County, CASCVTAROD, Amended2014-08-22HTMLHTML
Streetcar Project
West Sacramento and Sacramento, CASACOGFONSI2016-02-12HTMLHTML
9Honolulu High Capacity Transit ProjectHonolulu, HICity-County of HonoluluROD2011-01-18HTML  
9Honolulu Rail Transit ProjectHonolulu, HIHARTROD, Amended2013-09-30PDFPDF
10West Eugene EmX Extension ProjectLane County, ORLane Transit DistrictFONSI2012-12-20HTMLHTML
10Division Transit ProjectPortland & Gresham, ORMetro & TriMetCE2019-03-13PDFPDF
10Link Light Rail Operations and Maintenance Satellite FacilityBellevue, WASound TransitROD2015-11-04HTMLHTML
10Lynnwood Link ExtensionLynnwood, WASound TransitROD2015-07-10HTMLHTML
10Federal Way Link Extention ProjectKing County, WASound TransitROD2017-03-06PDFHTML
Multimodal Project
Mukilteo, WAWSDOTROD2014-08-22HTMLHTML
10Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit ProjectSeattle, WASeattle DOTCE2017-12-27HTML 
10East Link Light
Rail Transit Project
Seattle, WASound TransitROD2011-11-16HTMLHTML
10I-90 Two-Way Transit and HOV Operations ProjectSeattle, WASound TransitROD2011-04-15PDFHTML
10North Link Light
Rail Transit Project
Seattle, WASound TransitROD2006-06-07HTMLHTML
10North Link Light
Rail Transit Project
Seattle, WASound TransitRe-Evaluation2010-01-06PDF 
10Seattle Center City Connector ProjectSeattle, WASDOTFONSI2017-02-16PDFPDF
10Seattle Multimodal Terminal at
Colman Dock Project
10Tacoma Link ExpansionTacoma, WASound TransitDCE2015-06-01HTMLHTML
10Downtown Redmond Link Extension ProjectRedmond, WASound TransitRe-Evaluation2018-08-29PDFPDF
10Central City Line ProjectSpokane, WASpokane Transit AuthorityCE2019-03-07PDF



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