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Complete Monthly Ridership (with adjustments and estimates)

Change Effective July 2023: FTA has added the column "UACE" which will, in future months, uniquely identify each Urban Area. This allows users to more easily filter to modes operating in a certain UZA regardless of when they operated. In future months, the UZA number previously provided will be replaced with this code.

Contains monthly-updated service information reported by urban Full Reporters. This data release includes data values which differ from the Raw Database Time Series (no adjustments or estimates) as follows:

  • Adjustments to historical data (report year 2002 to 2011) for specific agencies which changed data collection methodology and required data adjustments as a result.
  • Estimates for recent months where no data is reported by an active NTD reporter (i.e., an estimate due to delinquent report submission). These estimates are based on mode-level ridership growth estimates developed by FTA. The strength of each estimate improves when the population of agencies reporting in the prior period is larger. 

This file will be updated periodically by FTA to include data for subsequent months, and to incorporate revisions to prior months in the calendar year made by the transit properties. In some cases, this may include revisions to data from previous report years.

Keywords: unlinked passenger trips, upt, vehicle revenue miles, vrm, vehicle revenue hours, vrh, vehicles operated in maximum service, voms, peak vehicles, monthly statistics, ridership, Monthly Module Adjusted Data Release

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