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Triennial Reviews

The Triennial Review is one of the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) management tools for examining grantee performance and adherence to current FTA requirements and policies. Mandated by Congress in 1982, the Triennial Review occurs once every three years. It examines how recipients of Urbanized Area Formula Program funds meet statutory and administrative requirements. The review currently examines 17 areas. In addition to helping evaluate grantees, the review gives FTA an opportunity to provide technical assistance on FTA requirements and aids FTA in reporting to the Secretary, Congress, other oversight agencies, and the transit community on the Urbanized Area Formula Program.

To assist grantees in preparing for the triennial review, FTA conducts workshops, provides training materials, procedural guides, and other supporting materials. One useful resource for grantees can be found in the Triennial Review Workshop Workbooks shown below.

Triennial Review Workshops Information

Register for and access FY16 Triennial Review Workshop Modules on demand here: FY16 TR Workshop Modules on demand

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Updated: Thursday, October 20, 2016
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