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STOPS – Data from the Census

  • 2000 CTPP Data
  • 2010 Census-block boundaries


STOPS uses two kinds of data from the Census. First, it uses CTPP 2000 Journey-to-Work data that tabulate worker flows and transit shares from the year 2000. STOPS updates both the flows and the shares to account for demographic growth and for changes in transit utilization that have occurred between 2000 and the current analysis year. Second, STOPS uses 2010 census-block boundary files to compute a measure of current development density and pedestrian friendliness for the various locations within a metropolitan area.

Relationship to Other Required Data

The CTPP data may be tabulated with TAZs, block groups, and/or tracts that are not consistent with the TAZs currently used by the MPO for the demographic data and highway travel impedances also required for STOPS applications. These inconsistencies are acceptable because STOPS automatically associates the various data sources with an internal overlay procedure.

Getting the Data

FTA has assembled the required census data items into state-level zipped files for you to download. The file for each state includes (1) CTPP Parts I, II, and III plus boundary files that define the geography of the CTPP tabulations; and (2) boundary files that define the census blocks. To get the file for any state, use the menu below to select the state and then download its zipped file. If your metropolitan area spans more than one state, you need to download the file for each of the relevant states. Section N.N of the STOPS User Guide describes steps to relocate the downloaded data into the appropriate locations on your computer. Note that this information is available for all 50 states and the District of Columbia but not for Puerto Rico or the other U.S. territories.