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2021 Annual Database Revenue Vehicle Inventory

Contains information on revenue vehicles  by mode and type of service (TOS) on agency property at the end of each fiscal year.

Keywords: 5307,  full, ssw, small system, reduced reporter, rr, vehicle, number of vehicles, fleet, active vehicles, vehicle type, make, model, vehicle length, seating capacity, manufacture year, year of rebuild, ada-accessible vehicles, emergency contingency vehicles,  ownership, funding source, fuel type, dedicated vehicles, annual miles, average lifetime miles, commuter rail locomotive, coach, bus, van, automobile, cutaway, aerial tramway, articulated bus, automated guideway vehicle, cable car, commuter rail passenger coach, self-propelled commuter rail passenger car, double decker bus, ferryboat, heavy rail passenger car, inclined plane vehicle, light rail vehicle, minivan, monorail vehicle, over the road bus, school bus, sports utility vehicle, streetcar, trolleybus, vintage trolley, dedicated, non-dedicated, vehicle category, transit vehicles, other vehicle type, miles per vehicle, total miles, agency fleets, assets, vehicle statistics, transit asset management, tam, aim, asset inventory module, title 49 part 625

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