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2013 Transit Profiles Report Year Summary

The Transit Profiles: 2013 Report Year Summary is one of five profiles provided in the National Transit Database (NTD) Annual Report. This volume consists of aggregate profiles for (i) all transit agencies and (ii) full reporting agencies filing an NTD Annual Report for 2013.

Profiles contain general, financial, and modal data, as well as performance and trend indicators.

For the 2013 report year, 849 transit agencies submitted reports:

    536 agencies submitted full reports
    282 agencies submitted Small Systems Waivers (SSW’s)
    5 agencies submitted separate service reports
    26 agencies received other waivers for detailed reporting (Reporting, Planning and Capital Waivers)

817 agencies, the total full and SSW reporters, are included in the 2013 NTD database. Agencies that qualified for the SSW operate thirty or fewer vehicles across all modes and types of service (TOS).

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