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Region 9 Staff Organization

Office of the Regional Administrator

Edward Carranza Jr., Acting Regional Administrator

  • Office of the Regional Counsel
    • Martia Fox, Regional Counsel
    • Vacant, Assistant Regional Counsel 
  • Office of the Regional Civil Rights Officer
    • Lynette Little, Regional Civil Rights Officer
  • Office of Planning and Program Development (PPD)
    • Ted Matley, Director
    • Amy Corathers, Community Planner
    • Cecilia Crenshaw, Community Planner
    • Lucinda Eagle, Community Planner
    • Candice Hughes, Environmental Protection Specialist (LAMO) 
    • Dominique Kraft, Community Planner
    • Mary Nguyen, Environmental Protection Specialist (LAMO)
    • Alexander Smith, Community Planner
    • Jerome Wiggins, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Darin Allan, Community Planner
  • Office of Financial Management and Program Oversight (FMO)
    • Audrey Bredehoft, Director
    • Philoki Barros, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Delilah Harrington, Program Assistant
    • Elba Lira-Martinez, Program Management Assistant
    • Patricia E. Valentine, Program Management Specialist
    • Philis Yue, Program Management Specialist
    • Regina Murphy, Financial Specialist
  • Los Angeles Metropolitan Office (LAMO)
    • Raymond Tellis, Director
    • Charlene Lee Lorenzo, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Adam Stephenson, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Arianna Valle, General Engineer
    • Anh-Huy Nguyen, Contractor
    • Stacy Alameida, Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA)
  • Office of Program Management and Oversight (OPM)
    • Bernardo Bustamante, Director
    • Janice Abaray, General Engineer
    • Vacant, General Engineer
    • Roxana Hernandez, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Susan Ko, General Engineer
    • Catherine Luu, General Engineer
    • Vacant, General Engineer
    • Janet Lourenzo, Contractor
Updated: Tuesday, December 4, 2018
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