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U.S. Department of Transportation U.S. Department of Transportation Icon United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Region 3 Staff Organization

Regional Administrator: Theresa “Terry” Garcia Crews

  • Deputy Regional Administrator: Tony Tarone
  • Special Assistant: Gail McFadden
  • Management Analyst: Angela Houtz
  • Administrative Officer: Deborah Brown
  • Program Support Specialist: Vacant 
  • Regional Counsel: Noah AnStraus 
  • Civil Rights Officer: Lynn Bailey
    • Director, Planning & Program Development: Kathleen Zubrzycki
      • Community Planner: Chelsea Beytas 
      • Community Planner: Laura Keeley
      • Community Planner: Dan Koenig
      • Community Planner: Tim Lidiak
      • Community Planner: Ryan Long
      • Community Planner: Abigail Lowe
      • Environmental Protection Specialist: Shauna Haas
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Deborah Butler
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Michele DeAngelis
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Adam Grimes
    • Director, Operations & Program Management: Tony Cho
      • General Engineer: Andre Anderson 
      • General Engineer: Katie Berrillo 
      • General Engineer: Ron Shatz
      • Financial Analyst: Anne Marie Coughlin
      • Financial Analyst: Jason Yucis
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Kenisha Davis-Hurwitz
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Craig McKaige
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Karen Roscher
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Kelly Tyler
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Vacant
      • Procurement Specialist (Contractor): Anthony Romero
Last updated: Friday, April 2, 2021