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ARRA 1512(c) and 1201(c) Reporting Requirements

Number 2009-05

July 15, 2009

Dear Grantee:
I am writing to inform you of technical assistance resources regarding American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) reporting requirements.   Section 1512(c) requires ARRA grantees government-wide to report quarterly, starting October 10, 2009.  The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has scheduled ARRA recipient reporting training webinars the week of July 20.  Registration for the OMB webinars is though the following website: 
FTA will be following up with further 1512(c) reporting training for our grantees later in the summer.  
Section 1201(c) of ARRA requires U.S. Department of Transportation grant recipients to report on the progress they are making in implementing their ARRA grants.  Any FTA recipient that has been awarded an ARRA grant through July 31, 2009 must submit a 1201(c) report to FTA by the statutorily mandated August 16, 2009 deadline and must submit subsequent reports on February 17, 2010, February 17, 2011, and February 17, 2012.  Those grant recipients that have been awarded ARRA grants to date or anticipate that they may be awarded ARRA funds by July 31, 2009 should be aware of the upcoming 1201(c) reporting process.
FTA is in the process of modifying TEAM to allow ARRA grant recipients to submit 1201(c) information for each grant in TEAM. Recipients will be able to prepare and submit a report from August 1, 2009 through August 16, 2009.  Reports should cover the period from February 17, 2009 through July 31, 2009, which is the reporting period’s cut-off date. 
Attached to this email are two documents that should help you submit your 1201(c) report. The first document displays the information that recipients will be asked to include in their 1201(c) report in TEAM. The second document provides guidance on the 1201(c) process in a Question and Answer format. Please review both of these documents so that you are aware of the process and can get a head start on gathering the information that you will need to report.  These documents will also be posted on the ARRA page of .
FTA will be providing technical assistance on the 1201(c) reporting process through a series of webinars scheduled for the week of July 28, 2009.  We will provide additional information on the FTA website about how to access these webinars once the schedule is finalized. 

FTA intends to work closely with you to ensure timely and accurate submission of the subject ARRA reports.  Dev Soni and/or Elaine Burick will assist you further if you have any questions regarding the 1201(c) reporting process.  Dev can be reached at and Elaine can be reached  .
Letitia A. Thompson
Regional Administrator
Region III


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