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2008 Outstanding Achievement Awards for Excellence in Environmental Document Preparation

Gold Line Corridor Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Denver, Colorado

RTD is proposing to provide commuter rail service between the Denver Union Station and Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  FTA's environmental document reviewers commended the Gold Line Draft Environmental Impact Statement for its use of:

Also notable is that each chapter begins with an introduction explaining its purpose, content, and how the information is organized among alternatives.  The document text is concise and well organized with numerous, clear headings.  Each analytical section includes a summary of results, an explanation on why the resource topic is important to consider, clearly identifies proposed mitigation, and scales the level of detail to the anticipated magnitude of impacts.

Red Line Corridor Transit Study Alternative Analysis and Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Baltimore, Maryland

MTA is proposing to extend light rail transit 14 miles from the town of Woodlawn in Baltimore County to the Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus in Baltimore City.  FTA's environmental document reviews commended MTA's Red Line Alternative Analysis/Draft Environmental Impact Statement for:

MTA also successfully experimented with formatting to promote user friendliness with techniques such as:

Bozeman Downtown Intermodal Facility Environmental Assessment, Bozeman, Montana

The City of Bozeman prepared an environmental assessment for an intermodal facility in the downtown area that includes a public parking structure and a transit hub for a fixed-route bus system.  FTA’s environmental document reviewers appreciated the document’s use of:

  • Clear writing,
  • Application of scoping to ensure that analyses were consistent with the expected magnitude of impacts, and
  • Manageable size of the document.  (The main body text is only 26 pages).
Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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