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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there written specifications available for the procurement of an Automated Telephone Tree (Interactive Voice Response System)?

Automated Telephone Trees are used by many organizations, including some Transit Agencies. Two local transit agencies that may use such a system are:

New York City Transit Authority
130 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 Phone: 708-694-4350

San Joaquin Regional Transit Authority
1533 E. Lindsay Street
Stockton, CA 95205-4498 Phone: 209-948-5566

(Reviewed: July, 2010)

Are there any regulatory standards that regional bus, train, and or light rail agencies in California can use to evaluate onboard messaging systems?

The only standards that we are aware of would be the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) requirements published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). These requirements have been published as "Guidance on Conformity with the National ITS Architecture and ITS Standards." This guidance is U.S. DOT’s policy to implement Section 5206 (e) of TEA-21, which calls for conformity with the National ITS Architecture.

Also, at the web site of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), you may find information under the tab "Research and Technology," including the names and phone numbers of technical personnel at FTA who have knowledge of research programs conducted by FTA. The FTA web site address is:

We would also recommend that you contact American Public Transportation Association, Mr. Jerry Trotter, who is their bus specialist, at (202) 496-4887. One final note: California rail agencies that are FTA grantees are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, and we do not believe the Commission has any specific requirements. (Reviewed: July, 2010)

Is there a website that has a list of sources for specifications? Not necessarily specs for buses, but specs used by the transit industry. Also, is there a website where transit-oriented vendors are located?

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has a web site that offers a listing of "Ground and Water Transportation Sites" (web sites) with links to these sites. APTA’s web page for these sites may be accessed at: The sites include many in the U.S. as well as foreign countries. APTA also offers a "Search" function that responded to our inquiry about "Specifications" with 21 suggested sources. (Reviewed: July, 2010)

Are there any written specifications for bus wrap production?

We suggest you contact other transit agencies that are buying buses. They may be able to help with the information regarding specifications:

Stanley Grill - New York City Transit (718) 694-4350
Ann Geter - Central Ohio Transit (614) 275-5903
Jim Zingale - Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (202) 962-1234
John Trotta - Chicago Transit Authority (312) 664-7200 x 4570 and
Paul Como - Houston MTA (713) 739-4803

(Reviewed: July, 2010)