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Would the FTA fund a research project creating a design for a completely new transportation system? The basic premise is current transportation facilities are reaching or have exceeded the maximum usable capacity, are damaging to the environment, and require a fundamental redesign. The goals of the redesign are: 90% reduction in fossil fuel consumption, a 90% reduction in air pollution and green house gases, greatly improved safety and security, the elimination traffic congestion, provide significantly faster travel times, and be a source of revenue for state and local governments. The design would combine the efficiency of mass transit with the connivance of a personal vehicle. In addition, a freight system would use the same technology. The resigned transportation system would affect all forms of travel: personal vehicle, air travel, and freight including heave trucks, air, and rail.

The contact person in FTA who can deal with your question is:

Terrell Williams
Sr. Engineer
Federal Transit Administration
Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation
Washington, DC 20590
(202) 366-0232

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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