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Licensing of Contractors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We have a design, build, with an option to maintain RFP out on the street for a CNG facility. At issue is whether the proposer/bidder must have an "A" contractor's license or if it is acceptable for the proposer to rely on a subcontractor to carry the license. This is a little unique in the CNG industry, but by forcing the prime to have the license, we could, in effect, be eliminating several potential proposals. What is FTA's stance on this?

A. FTA has no requirements for licensing of contractors. We believe your approach to selecting a fuel provider to design, build, operate and maintain this CNG facility is a reasonable one, and FTA has no problems with your approach to contracting for this project. However, you will have to ascertain if there may be other applicable state or federal  requirements in the CNG industry that will impact on your approach. (Revised: September 4, 2009)

Q. Does a contractor have to have a license to work in the state where the job is to be performed on federal contracts or is his or her home state license is all you need; for example, can a California contractor’s license be used in another state for Federal contracts?

A. We believe a contractor must be licensed in the state where he is being employed. (Posted: December 2009)