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Debarred - Suspended

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the process that a grantee must take to get a contractor placed on the debarred/suspended list?

A. A federal agency can only debar an entity that poses a present risk to federal programs. Debarment cannot be used as a punishment for past wrongdoings. Debarment is usually based on a civil judgment or criminal conviction, but it can also be based on serious, willful violations of contract terms absent a judicial proceeding. In most cases, FTA learns about the conviction or civil judgment from the Inspector General's office or directly from the entity that is under investigation. An entity that is proposed for debarment is entitled to due process, which includes the opportunity to contest the proposed debarment and present evidence and argument that the debarment is not necessary. If an entity is debarred, the debarment is effective for the entire federal Executive Branch. (Posted: December, 2014)

Q. When am I required to check if the vendor has been debarred under Do I have check for micro-purchases? Is there a dollar amount?

A. FTA does not require grantees to check the SAM prior to awarding micro-purchases. All awards above the micro-purchase threshold of $3000 require that grantees check the SAM. You should document the fact that you checked SAM in case the award is reviewed at a later date by FTA. (Posted: November, 2015)