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Bid Preference

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 10% bid preference allowed for Disabled Veteran Owned Company bidding on a Bus procurement? Background Information: There is a Public Act in our State allowing a 10% preference to a Disabled Veteran Owned Company.

FTA procurement policy would not allow bid preferences of the type you describe for Disabled Veteran Owned companies. To apply a bid preference in accordance with this State law would violate the Federal requirement for full and open competition. However, please be cognizant of the FTA Circular 4220.1F, Chapter IV, and Paragraph 2. – “Federal Requirements That May Affect A Recipient's Acquisitions,” subparagraph a. (6) – Socio-Economic Development, requirement to comply with applicable Federal laws and regulations that provide competitive opportunities for a contractor that qualifies as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), minority owned firm, women's business enterprise, or small business. In addition to this company's Disabled Veteran Owned Company status, they may also qualify for one or more the categories listed above. (Posted: July, 2011)

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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