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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Region 4 Staff Organization

Regional Administrator: Yvette G. Taylor, PhD

  • Deputy Regional Administrator: Dudley Whyte
  • Regional Counsel: Micah M. Miller (Region-based Headquarters Staff)
  • Civil Rights Officer: D. Michele Foster (Region-based Headquarters Staff)
  • Administrative Support Assistant: Jada Jackson (Student)
  • Administrative Officer: Fredaricka Tolen
  • Program Specialist: Nancy Pruitt
  • Program Analyst: Yvetho Merisme
    • Director, Office of Planning & Program Development: Keith Melton
      • General Engineer Andres Ramirez, PE
      • Community Planner: John Crocker, PhD
      • Community Planner: Brittany Lavender
      • Community Planner: Parris Orr
      • Community Planner: Robert Sachnin, AICP
      • Community Planner: Nicole Spivey
      • Community Planner: Aviance Webb
      • Environmental Program Specialist: Carrie Walker, MHP
    • Director, Office of Financial Management & Program Oversight: Robert Buckley, AICP
      • General Engineer: David Powell, PE
      • General Engineer: Christopher White
      • General Engineer: Jaymei M. Kinney, MECE, EIT
      • General Engineer: Elijah Wheeler (Student) 
      • General Engineer: Freddie Salado, PhD
      • Community Planner: Holly Liles
      • Community Planner: Michael Sherman
      • Community Planner: Bayoan Ortiz-Rios
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Roxanne Ledesma, PMP
      • Transportation Program Specialist: David Mucher
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Courtney Roberts
      • Program Analyst: Rhonda King
      • Financial Analyst: Rod Williams
      • Procurement Specialist: Dwight Hill, CFCM (Contractor)
    • Director, Office of Program Management & Project Oversight: Margarita Sandberg
      • General Engineer: Charles Chiu, PhD
      • General Engineer: Layana George (Term)
      • General Engineer: Guanying Lei, PE
      • General Engineer: Emmanuel Ramos, PE
      • General Engineer: Nelson Delgado Rivera (Term)
      • General Engineer: Maribell Perez
      • General Engineer: Tyrone Pelt, PE
      • Program Analyst: Patrick Winders
      • General Engineer: Teresa Sifre (Contractor)
Last updated: Friday, April 2, 2021