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U.S. Department of Transportation U.S. Department of Transportation Icon United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Region 2 Staff Organization

Acting Regional Administrator: Michael Culotta

  • Deputy Regional Administrator: Vacant
  • Administrative Officer: Douglas Stephen
  • Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Mateo
  • Regional Counsel: John Sautter (Region-based Headquarters Staff)
  • Civil Rights Officer: Luis Rodriguez (Region-based Headquarters Staff)
    • Director, Planning & Program Development: Donald Burns
      • Community Planner: James Goveia
      • Community Planner: Daniel Moser
      • Community Planner: Richelle Gosman
      • Community Planner: Raymond Tomczak
      • Community Planner: Uzoma Anukwe
      • Community Planner: Jennifer Terry
      • Community Planner: Emily Maciejak
      • Community Planner: Adam Klein
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Kimberly Singleton
    • Director, Operations & Program Management: Darreyl Davis
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Faye Ellison
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Veronica Pelt-Hawkins
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Rosie Luperena
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Lauren Pessoa
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Jonathan Howard
      • Transportation Program Specialist: Madeleine Duchatellier
      • General Engineer: Jun Yan
      • General Engineer: Howard Swaby
      • Program Analyst: Joseph Gillis
      • Administrative Office: Therese Trapp
    • Director, Office of Major Capital Projects and Emergency Relief: Donovan Vincent
      • Team Lead: Hans PointduJour
      • General Engineer: Manoj Das
      • General Engineer: Catherin Donohue
      • General Engineer: Robert Ford
      • General Engineer: Rupesh Patel
      • General Engineer: Ralph Branche
      • General Engineer: Sheldon Soleyn
Last updated: Wednesday, August 9, 2023