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Region 10 Staff Organization

  • Linda Gehrke, Regional Administrator
  • Kenneth Feldman, Deputy Regional Administrator
    • Jennifer Horwitz, Environmental Manager (Contractor)
    • (Walton) Kevin Valdez, Administrative Officer
    • Deborah Ensor, Administrative Program Assistant
  • Amy Changchien, Director, Office of Planning and Program Development:
    • Ned Conroy, Community Planner
    • John Witmer, Community Planner
    • Daniel Drais, Environmental Protection Specialist
    • Jeremy Borrego, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Kristy McGuill, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Annette McKelvey, Transportation Program Specialist
  • Susan Fletcher, Director, Office of Operations and Program Management
    • Carrie Deichl, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Scot Rastelli, Transportation Program Specialist
    • Vacant, General Engineer
    • (James) Steve Saxton, General Engineer
    • Howard Swaby, General Engineer
    • Shirley Cochran, TAD Contract Specialist
  • Christopher Macneith, Region 10 Civil Rights Officer
  • Francis Eugenio, Regional Counsel
Updated: Tuesday, October 18, 2016
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