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PTP-3 Projects (FY 2008)

"Developing Public Participation Tools in Transit Dependent Communities"

  • Sponsors:  Project for Public Spaces (New York, NY)
  • Description: Develops a tool for transit agencies and MPOs to better engage the public in shaping walkable environments at transit stops in traditionally underserved communities. 

"Assessing the Implication and Impact of Public Participation Initiatives"

  • Sponsor:   NYU Wagner Rudin Center (New York, NY)
  • Description: Innovative public participation at MTA through surveys and focus groups of transit riders. Interviews with the press, elected officials, agency staff, and advocacy organizations.

"Sarasota County Area Transit Collaborative Coordination of Citizen Engagement in the Transportation Planning Process"

"Austin Accessibility Assessment Improvement (AAAIM)"

  • Sponsor:  Texas Citizen Fund (Austin, TX)
  • Description: Resolving common barriers to access that involve fixed-route bus stops and their systems interface for persons with disabilities. This project involves customer and phone surveys of 400 disability passengers.

"Crowdsourcing Public Participation in Transit Planning"

"Choosing Visualization for Transportation"

  • SponsorHunter College/CUNY (New York, NY)
  • Description: Providing easy access to information about visualization applications to public participation within an interactive website.

"Improving Public Participation in Transit-Oriented Development)"

"Walking to Transit"

  • Sponsor:  WalkBoston (Boston, MA)
  • Description:   Providing guidelines to help citizens speak-out about their concerns during transit project design through walking audits.
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