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Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority FTA determined LACMTA’s subcontractor, Modula Inc.’s manufacturing processes for its vertical carousels and/or vertical lift modules at its facility in Lewiston, Maine comply with FTA Buy America requirements in 49 U.S.C. 5323(j). 
12/08/2015 San Fransisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District FTA determined that a track geometry car procured by the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) complied with the domestic content and final assembly requirements that apply to rolling stock.
01/06/2015 New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority FTA determined that a water mist fire suppression system procured by the New York MTA for its Second Avenue Subway project constitutes a manufactured end product, and its respective components must be manufactured in the United States.
10/01/2010 Houston METRO Letter from FTA’s Chief Counsel to CAF’s legal counsel denying CAF’s request for reconsideration.
09/07/2010 Houston METRO Letter from FTA Administrator to Houston METRO’s Chairman and Acting President detailing steps METRO must take to remain eligible for FTA funding following the results of FTA's investigation.
09/07/2010 Houston METRO Letter from FTA Chief Counsel to Houston METRO’s General Counsel finding violations of its Buy America and procurement rules by Houston METRO and CAF.
09/03/2010 Houston METRO Report of Investigation from FTA staff to FTA Chief Counsel describing Houston METRO and CAF’s violations of FTA’s Buy America requirements, and METRO’s violation of FTA’s competitive procurement requirements.
08/11/2010 Milwaukee County Transit System FTA upholds its March 1, 2010, decision determining that the Byk-Rak brand bicycle racks supplied by the Midwest Bus Corporation to the Milwaukee County Transit System failed to meet the Buy America requirements.  
04/23/2010 Houston METRO The Federal Transit Administration initiates an investigation into Houston METRO, Parsons Transportation Group, and Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF), regarding the production of Light Rail Vehicles in Spain for use on the federally funded North and Southeast Corridor projects.
03/01/2010 Milwaukee County Transit System FTA finds that Midwest Bus Corporation failed to comply with the Buy America requirements when it supplied bus-mounted bicycle racks to the Milwaukee County Transit System.
Updated: Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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