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BPPM Preface


This Manual provides recipients of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds suggestions on conducting third party procurements to assist them in meeting the standards of FTA Circular 4220.1E (the Circular).

The Manual consists of suggested procedures, methods, and examples which FTA encourages.

These are based on the Federal acquisition process, Comptroller General decisions, and "Best Practices" of grantees and others in the industry.

Please Note, Suggested Procedures Are Not Mandatory.

The Manual is envisioned as an ongoing and expanding document. It will be updated periodically with both new subjects as well as additions or changes to existing subjects. The additions/changes will be based on: (1) changes in statutes, (2) the result of recent court decisions, (3) the need for further clarification, and (4) new or innovative practices of grantees.

The Manual is located on the Internet World Wide Web under the FTA Homepage. The internet location enables FTA to provide its customers with the latest and newest information using the fastest means possible. Additionally, FTA solicits "best practices" of its grantees and others in the industry. After review by FTA, new and or innovative practices will be added to the manual. FTA is being assisted in this endeavor. All proposed "best practices" should be sent to this Internet Address.


The Manual consists of 11 chapters and Appendices as follows:

  • 1. Purpose and Scope
  • 2. Procurement Planning & Organization
  • 3. Specifications
  • 4. Methods of Solicitation and Selection
  • 5. Award of Contracts
  • 6. Procurement Object Types: Special Considerations
  • 7. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • 8. Contract Clauses
  • 9. Contract Administration
  • 10. Close-Out
  • 11. Disputes
  • Appendix A: Governing Documents
  • Appendix B: Examples
  • Appendix C: [Reserved]
  • Appendix D: Annotated FTA Circular 4220.1E (MS Word)


The Manual is divided into 11 Chapters and Appendices (see above). This format will allow FTA to send updates as necessary and allows you to locate them easily. As sections of the Manual are updated, the last revision date is indicated for that section in parentheses.


You are responsible for ensuring full and open competition and equitable treatment of all potential sources in the procurement process. You are also responsible for planning, solicitation, award, administration and documentation of all Federally funded contracts.

During the procurement process, the Procurement Officer is responsible for making comprehensive business judgments based upon the application of sound procurement policies and procedures.

This Manual will not make business judgments for the Procurement Officer. It will aid him/her in performing the steps necessary to ensure public funds are expended properly and will protect the integrity of the grantees' procurement process.

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Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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