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BPPM Offer and Acceptance Form

The following is an example Offer/Award form to be modified as appropriate by the Procuring Agency and included in the RFP.)

1.2 Offer

Offeror shall complete the following form and include same in the price proposal.


By execution below Offeror hereby offers to furnish equipment and services as specified in (Procuring Agency insert name) Request for Proposals No. (Procuring Agency insert RFP Number) including the General Provisions (Section 2), Quality Assurance Provisions (Section 3), Warranty Provisions (Section 4) and Technical Specifications (Section 5), therein.

Offeror: ______________________________________




Street Address


City, State, Zip


Signature of Authorized Signer





1.3 Award

Notice of Award

By execution below, Procuring Agency accepts Offer as indicated above.


Contracting Officer:



Date of Award:


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Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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