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BPPM Mandatory Procurement Standards Worksheet

No. Element FTA Circular 4220.1EParagraph No. Grantee Procurement Policy/Procedure Reference
1) Written Standards of Conduct 7.c.  
2) Contract Administration System 7.b.  
3) Written Protest Procedures 7.l.  
4) Prequalification System 8.d.  
5) System for Ensuring Most Efficient and Economic Purchase 7.d.  
6) Procurement Policies and Procedures 7.a.  
7) Independent Cost Estimate 10.  
8) A&E Geographic Preference 8.b.  
9) Unreasonable Qualification Requirements 8.a.(1)  
10) Unnecessary Experience and Excessive Bonding 8.a.(2)  
11) Organizational Conflict of Interest 8.a.(5)  
12) Arbitrary Action 8.a.(7)  
13) Brand Name Restrictions 8.a.(6) and 8.c.  
14) Geographic Preferences 8.b.  
15) Contract Period of Performance Limitation 7.m.  
16) Written Procurement Selection Procedures 8.c.  
17) Solicitation Prequalification Criteria 8.d.  
18) Award to Responsible Contractors 7.h.  
19) Sound and Complete Agreement 15.  
20) No Splitting [Micro-purchase] 9.a.  
21) Fair and Reasonable Price Determination [Micro-purchase] 9.a.  
22) Micro-Purchase Davis Bacon 9.a.  
23) Price Quotations [Small Purchase] 9.b.  
24) Clear, Accurate, and Complete Specification 8.c.(1), 9.c.(2)(b) & 9.c.(1)(a)  
25) Adequate Competition - Two or More Competitors 9.c.(1)(b)  
26) Firm Fixed Price [Sealed Bid] 9.c.(1)(c)  
27) Selection on Price [Sealed Bid] 9.c.(1)(c)  
28) Discussions Unnecessary [Sealed Bid] 9.c.(1)(d)  
29) Advertised/Publicized 9.c. & d.  
30) Adequate Solicitation 9.c.(2)(a) & 9.d.(2)  
31) Sufficient Bid Time [Sealed Bid] 9.c.(2)(a)  
32) Bid Opening [Sealed Bid] 9.c.(2)(c)  
33) Responsiveness [Sealed Bid] 9.c.(2)(d)  
34) Lowest Price [Sealed Bid] 9.c.(2)(d)  
35) Rejecting Bids [Sealed Bid] 9.c.(2)(e)  
36) Evaluation [RFP] 9.d.(1) & 9.d.(3)  
37) Price and Other Factors [RFP] 9.d.(4)  
38) Sole Source if Other Award is Infeasible 9.h.  
39) Cost Analysis Required [Sole Source] 9.h.(2)  
40) Evaluation of Options 9.i.(1)  
41) Cost or Price Analysis 10.  
42) Written Record of Procurement History 7.i.  
43) Exercise of Options 9.i.(2)  
44) Out of Scope Changes 9.h.  
45) Advance Payments 12.a.  
46) Progress Payments 12.b.  
47) Time and Materials Contracts 7.j.  
48) Cost Plus Percentage of Cost 10.e.  
49) Liquidated Damages Provisions 13.  
50) Qualifications Exclude Price [A&E] 9.e.  
51) Serial Price Negotiations [A&E] 9.e.  
52) Bid Security [Construction over $100,000] 11.a.  
53) Performance Security [Construction over $100,000] 11.b.  
54) Payment Security [Construction over $100,000] 11.c.  

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Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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