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BPPM Liquidated Damages Checklist

Sample form:


BART PROJECT NO. ___________ CONTRACT TITLE: ___________

General ____________ Mechanical ____________

Electrical ______________ Other ______________


Project Manager's Determination

If Applicable, Dollar Amount



1. Costs reflecting the relative importance of completion of this contract to the completion of other directly associated activities, e.g., if a $10 million dollar substation is being procured and requires construction of a building, the cost to BART of delays upon the completion of the building on the substation procurement should be considered.


2. Rental costs for each day of facilities and equipment necessitated by the delays in contract completion.


3. Cost(s) for additional maintenance required on equipment or structures being replaced for each day of delay in completion of the project.


4. Additional operating costs to BART for each day of delay in completion, including but not limited to cashier, operator and supervisory costs resulting from contract completion delays. Costs of route detours or substitution of one transit mode for another shall be considered.


5. Loss of revenue to BART's operations for each day due to delay in contract completion.


6. Any other damages for each day of delay in completion which BART may anticipate, e.g., is there a high potential for delay of one prime contract with resulting costs to BART for the other prime contracts.


7. Estimated costs of inspection.


8. Actual damages (Project Manager to indicate whether actual types of damages should be excluded from the calculations).



SIGNED _________________________


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Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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