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Emergency Relief Docket

Annual Emergency Relief Docket

Annual emergency relief procedures allow grantees and subgrantees affected by national or regional emergencies to request temporary relief from FTA administrative and statutory requirements. The Emergency Relief Docket process allows grantees to petition FTA for relief from legislative or administrative requirements in response to emergencies or major disasters, such as hurricanes. For more information, see the 2019 Emergency Relief Docket.

Under FTA’s Charter Rule, grantees and subgrantees may assist with evacuations or other movement of people in response to an emergency declared by the president, governor, or mayor for up to 45 days without notice to FTA. If such services are necessary for more than 45 days, grantees and subgrantees must submit a request for relief from the charter regulation through the Emergency Relief Docket.

Updated: Thursday, March 7, 2019
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