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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

FY 2014 Apportionments, Allocations, and Program Information

2014 Apportionments, Allocations, and Program Information:
[PDF - Federal Register (FR) notice] [HTML - FR notice]

Apportionment Tables

1. FTA FY 2014 Appropriations and Apportionments for Grant Programs 
[Excel - Table 1]

2FTA FY 2014 Section 5303 and 5304 Metropolitan Planning Program and Statewide and Non-Metropolitan Planning and Research Program Apportionments 
[Excel - Table 2

3FTA FY 2014 Section 5307 and Section 5340 Urbanized Area Apportionments 
[Excel - Table 3

3-AFTA FY 2014 Section 5307 Operating Assistance Special Rule Operator Caps 
[Excel - Table 3-A

4FTA FY 2014 Section 5307 Apportionment Formula 
[Excel - Table 4]

5FTA FY 2014 Formula Programs Apportionments Data Unit Values 
[Excel - Table 5

6FTA FY 2014 Small Transit Intensive Cities Performance Data and Apportionments 
[Excel - Table 6

7FTA FY 2014 Section 5309 Fixed Guideway Capital Investment Grants Allocations
[Excel - Table 7

8FTA FY 2014 Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities 
[Excel - Table 8

9FTA FY 2014 Section 5311 And Section 5340 Rural Area Formula Apportionments, Rural Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) Allocations, and Appalachian Development Public Transportation Assistance Program 
[Excel - Table 9

10FTA FY 2014 Section 5311(C) Public Transportation on Indian Reservations Formula Apportionments 
[Excel - Table 10

11FTA FY 2014 Section 5337 State of Good Repair Formula Apportionments 
[Excel - Table 11

12FTA FY 2014 Section 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities Formula Apportionments 
[Excel - Table 12

13FTA Section 5329(e) State Safety Oversight Program Apportionments:

FY 2013:  [Excel - Table 13 FY 2013
FY 2014:  [Excel - Table 13 FY 2014

14FTA Prior Year Unobligated Section 5308 Clean Fuels Grant Program Allocations and Prior Year Unobligated Section 5309 Bus and Bus Facilities Allocations for Attainment Areas 
[Excel - Table 14]

15FTA Prior Year Unobligated Section 5309 Bus and Bus Related Equipment and Facilities Allocations 
[Excel - Table 15

16FTA Prior Year Unobligated National Research Funds for Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative Awards 
[Excel - Table 16

17FTA Prior Year Unobligated Section 5309 New Starts and Small Starts Program Allocations 
[Excel - Table 17

18FTA Prior Year Unobligated Section 5311(c) Tribal Transit Program Allocations 
[Excel - Table 18

Last updated: Monday, November 16, 2015