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FY 2012 Apportionment, Allocation, and Program Information


The following is an extract from the FTA Fiscal Year 2012 Apportionments and Allocations notice published in the Federal Register January 11, 2012 Vol. 77, No. 7 (PDF) [Federal Register text version]. Below are the detailed apportionment tables in Excel format which are to be associated with the January 11 Federal Register notice.

This notice is the first notice announcing partial apportionment for programs funded with Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 contract authority because the current authorization of FTA’s programs provides contract authority for the period October 1, 2011 through March 31, 2012. Additionally, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2012, (Pub. L. 112-055) provides full-year funding for FTA’s programs funded from the General Fund of the United States Treasury, which are Administrative Expenses, the New Starts and Research programs and grants to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The Appropriations Act, 2012 also provides an obligation limitation for the available contract authority and any additional contract authority that Congress may make available this fiscal year. This notice also provides program guidance and requirements; and provides information on several program issues important under the current program authorization. Also included are tables that show certain discretionary program unobligated (carryover) and reapportioned funding from previous years available for obligation during FY 2012.

For general information about this notice contact Jamie Pfister, Director, Office of Transit Programs, at (202) 366-2053. Please contact the appropriate FTA regional office for any specific requests for information or technical assistance.

Apportionment Tables

1. FTA FY 2012 Appropriations and Apportionments for Grant Program (Excel)

2. FTA FY 2012 Section 5303 and 5304 Metropolitan Planning Program and Statewide Planning and Research Program Apportionments (Excel)

3. FTA FY 2012 Section 5307 and Section 5340 Urbanized Area Apportionments (Excel)

3A. Census 2000 Urbanized Areas 200,000 or More in Population Eligible to Use Section 5307 Funds for Operating Assistance (Excel)

4. FTA FY 2012 Section 5307 Apportionment Formula (Excel)

5. FTA FY 2012 Formula Programs Apportionments Data Unit Values (Excel)

6.  FTA FY 2012 Small Transit Intensive Cities Performance Data and Apportionments (Excel)

7. FTA FY 2012 Section 5308 Prior Year Unobligated Clean Fuels Allocations (Excel)

8. FTA FY 2012 Section 5309 Fixed Guideway Modernization Apportionments (Excel)

9. FTA FY 2012 Section 5309 Fixed Guideway Modernization Program Apportionment Formula (Excel)

10. FTA FY 2012 Section 5309 Bus and Bus Related Equipment and Facilities Allocations (Excel)

11. FTA FY 2012 Section 5309 Prior Year Unobligated Bus and Bus Related Equipment and Facilities Allocations (Excel)

12. FTA FY 2012 Section 5309 New Starts Allocations (Excel)

13. FTA FY 2012 Section 5309 Prior Year Unobligated New Starts and Urban Circulator Program Allocations (Excel)

14. FTA FY 2012 Section 5310 Special Needs for Elderly Individuals and Individuals With Disabilities Apportionments (Excel)

15. FTA FY 2012 Section 5311 and Section 5340 Nonurbanized Area Formula Apportionments, and Rural Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) Allocations (Excel)

16. FTA FY 2012 Section 5311(c) Prior Year Unoblicated Public Transportation on Indian Reservations Allocations (Excel)

17. FTA FY 2012 Section 5316 Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Apportionments (Excel)

18. FTA FY 2012 Section 5317 New Freedom Apportionments (Excel)

19. FTA FY 2012 Section 5339 Prior Year Unobligated Alternatives Analysis Allocations (Excel)

Last updated: Tuesday, November 17, 2015