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TRO 5 New Grantee Workshop Presentations


  1. Cover, Organizational Chart, and Table of Contents [PDF]
  2. Introduction [PDF]
  3. Overview of FTA Grant Programs  [PDF]
  4. Grant Preparation and Prerequisites [PDF]
  5. NEPA and Environmental [PDF]
  6. Legal Update [PDF]
  7. Requirements for Complete Application [PDF]
  8. PMO [PDF]
  9. PMO Oversight Reviews [PDF]
  10. OIG [PDF]
  11. Civil Rights [PDF]
  12. Appendix I
    • 2013 FTA Grantee Workshop Registrant Contact List [PDF]
    • Definitions [PDF]
    • Summary of FTA Programs [PDF]
    • NTD Fact Sheet [PDF]
    • 12-06 FR NTD Amendment Reporting [PDF]
    • Grantee Assignment Locations [PDF]
    • FTA MAP Fact Sheets [PDF]
    • SAR SAMPLE Letter [PDF]
    • Procurement Elements [PDF]
    • Evaluation Form 2013 Technical Workshop [PDF]
  13. Appendix II: MAP-21 Fact Sheets
    • Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing [PDF]
    • Bus and Bus Facilities [PDF]
    • Bus Testing Facilities [PDF]
    • Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities [PDF]
    • Fixed Investment Capital Investment Grants [PDF]
    • Formula Grants for Rural Areas [PDF]
    • Human Resources and Training [PDF]
    • Metropolitan, Statewide, and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning [PDF]
    • Program Consolidation [PDF]
    • Public Transportation Emergency Relief Program [PDF]
    • Research Development Demonstration and Deployment Programs [PDF]
    • State of Good Repair Grants [PDF]
    • Technical Assistance and Standards Development [PDF]
    • Transit Asset Management [PDF]
    • Transit Safety and Oversight [PDF]
    • Transit-Oriented Development Planning Pilot [PDF]
    • Urbanized Area Formula Grants [PDF]
Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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