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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Project Management Oversight Procedures

FTA's Oversight Procedures provide guidance for Project Management Oversight contractors and others on FTA's review process, deliverables and reporting requirements. 

Oversight Procedure (OP)Last Updated
Consolidated Administrative Conditions and RequirementsSeptember 2015
FTA Project Management Oversight Procedures IndexSeptember 2015
Administrative Conditions and Requirements (OP01)September 2015
Implementation / Transition Plans & Monthly Task Order Cost Status Reports (OP02)September 2015
Special Tasks (OP03)September 2015
Project Management Plan Review (OP20)September 2015
Management Capacity & Capability Review (OP21)September 2015
Safety & Security Management Review (OP22)September 2015
Real Estate Acquisition & Management Plan Review (OP23)September 2015
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Review (OP24)September 2015
Recurring Oversight & Related Reports (OP25)September 2015
Lessons Learned (OP26)September 2015
Before-and-After Study Review (OP27)September 2015
Value Engineering & Constructability Review (OP30)September 2015
Annual New Starts Review (OP31)September 2015
Project Transit Capacity Review (OP32A)September 2015
NEPA and Design Document Comparison (OP32B)September 2015
Project Scope Review (OP32C)September 2015
Project Delivery Method Review (OP32D)September 2015
Capital Cost Estimate Review (OP33)September 2015
Project Schedule Review (OP34)September 2015
ADA Review (OP35)June
Buy America Compliance Review (OP36)September 2015
Fleet Management Plan Review (OP37)September 2015
Bus and Rail Vehicle Technical Review (OP38)September 2015
Third Party Agreements (OP39)January
Risk and Contingency Review/Abbreviated Review (OP40B)September 2015
Risk and Contingency Review (OP40C)September 2015
Readiness to Enter Engineering (OP51)September 2015
Readiness to Execute Grant Agreements (OP52)September 2015
Readiness to Procure Construction Work (OP53)September 2015
Readiness for Service (OP54)September 2015
Letter of No Prejudice Review (OP56)September 2015
Last updated: Thursday, August 8, 2019