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List of Project Management Oversight (PMO) Lessons Learned

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Lesson Phase(s) Category
Arrow III Overhaul - Introduction of New Technology Start Up Scope
Building and Updating Accurate Project Budgets  PD & Construction Cost
Bus - Rail Integration  Start Up Scope
Co-Location of Grantee & Contractor Project Related Personnel  PD Management
Combining and sequencing VE with scope-cost-schedule PD Management
Commuter Rail Safety - Educating the Public  Construction Scope
Computerized Change Control System PD Management
Configuration Management Construction Scope
Control of Force Account Schedule and Budgets Construction Management
Cost Benefits to Construction Manager/General Contractor Approach PD Cost
Creation and Benefits of Positive Public Relations PD, Construction, Start Up Management
Design Build Essentials BART Extension Engineering, Construction Management
DBOM Contract: Proper Delegation of Major Tasks  PD, Construction, Start Up Management
Delegation of Authority PD Cost
Design Criteria, Security, Safety Certification  PD Scope
Documentation for Design Changes - Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Construction Scope
Early Risk Assessment PD Management
Early Risk Management Planning PD Management
Earned Value/Progress Measurement, Integrated Cost and Schedule Control PD Management
Enforcement of Buy America PD and Construction Management
Environmental Remediation and Clean-Up PD Scope
Four-Quadrant Gated Crossing  Construction Scope
FTA Procurement Regulations and Advanced Progress Payments PD Cost
Grade Crossing Safety Improvement Program Start Up Scope
Hazard Analysis for Commuter Rail Projects PD, Construction through Safety Certification and Start-up Management
Implementation of Systems Integration Testing Construction through Start-up Management
Importance of Effective Input from Operations Staff during Design PD Management
Incentive Fee for Performance in Public/Community Interfacing PD Management
Integrating and updating cost estimate concurrently with design process PD Management
Interagency Coordination PD Management
Interface with NSRR and Flaggers Construction Management
Interface with NSRR and Flaggers Construction Schedule
Key Factors of Successful Project Implementation PD, Engineering & Construction Management
Managing and Controlling the Land Acquisition Process PD Management
Managing and Controlling the Land Acquisition Process  PD Schedule
Managing Multiple Consultants PD Management
Managing Undefined Scope PD Management
Mitigating Problems of Third Party Coordination PD and Construction Schedule
Modular Station Design PD Scope
New York City Transit Accident and Prevention Program Construction Management
Obtaining Railroad Operating Agreements Early in a Project's Life PD Management
Problems in Agency Coordination PD Management
Project Management Plan (PMP) Development PD Management
Project Master Integrated Schedule (PMIS) PD and Construction Management
Public Outreach Program Related to Right-of-Way Acquisition Construction Management
QA/QC Procedures and Organization PD Management
Quality Assurance and Quality Control on a Design/Build Transit Project  PD Scope
R&D Projects - Computer Based Systems Warranties Start Up Scope
Railcar Procurement Schedule Recovery PD Schedule
Railroad Right-of-Way Acquisition PD Management
Railroad Right-of-Way Issues PD Management
Reliability of Capital Cost Estimates Resulting from Early Planning Studies PD Cost
Safety Certification for Commuter Rail Projects PD, Construction, Testing, and Start-up Management
Solicitations and Bid Options PD and Construction Management
Staged Infrastructure Implementation Impacts on Operations PD and Construction Management
Team Approach to Quality Assurance Audits PD Management
Technical Capacity PD, Construction, Start Up Management
The Benefit of Constructability Reviews PD Management
The Capabilities and Value of Electronic Communications PD, Construction, Start Up Management
Timely Preparation of Quality Assurance Program PD Management
Toronto New Streetcar Project PD, Construction through Safety Certification and Start-up Management
Tram Rail for Streetcar Construction PD and Construction Schedule
Transit Oriented Joint Development Opportunities PD Management
Tri-Met's Successful Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program on the Interstate MAX Light Rail Project PD Management
Tri-Met's Construction Manager/General Contractor Approach  PD Management
Unplanned Delays Can Provide an Opportunity to Review Design PD Schedule
Using a Consultant as Both Designer and Construction Manager Construction Management
UTA Light Rail Construction in the Salt Lake City Central Business District  Construction Schedule
Value Engineering (VE) on Transit Projects PD Management
Waterproofing and Its Effect on Operation and Maintenance of Underground Facilities PD Scope
Westside Purple Line Risk Assessment Lessons Learned Engineering, Construction Risk
Managing the Right of Way Process for Design-Build Contracts by co-locating the project team Engineering, Construction Management
Quality Management Approach for Design-Build Contracts Engineering, Construction Management
Third-Party Enhancement Challenges Engineering, Construction Management
Change Management Process Construction Management
Project Delivery Method Procurement Management
Central Subway Project Controls Construction Management
Quality Control Construction Management
Third-party Utility Coordination PD, Construction Management
Public Outreach on a Streetcar Project Planning, PD, Construction Management
Considerations Related to Streetcar Reverse-Running Operation Planning, PD Management
Construction Phasing Startup Management
Operations Implementation Startup Management